Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Emperial Cruise

going to miss her... 

July 13, 2015
Well... I thought I would make this super cool and make an educated line about the Emperial Cruise that talks about the pre-events to world war two... BUT I cant remember how to spell emperial. imperio... yeah.... 

BUT this is my last day in my area of Imperio, I have transfers once again tomorrow to who knows where, but it was a fun "cruise" for 3 weeks to open an area in the ghetto haha... 

This week I have learned more and felt more miracles than I could ever explain. With the passing of my grandpa I have learned a lot more about the spirit as the comforter, the blessing of the atonement, and the power of service. There were so many miracles this week. 

We found a grandma named Sirvella helping her weed and she was SO prepared. She accepted the plan of salvation and the restoration so quickly because recently her husband passed away. I can't believe we just found her last week. The Lord works in mysterious ways, but always has a plan. 

Also there is a joven (teenager) named Liliana who is from the selva (jungle) and had some CRAZY ideas about the plan of salvation... but helping her understand the love her Heavenly Father has was so incredible and literally you could see the change and the hope it gave her. I love this work so much. 

Also we have another investigator who is partially paralyzed and fell in the morning when we came to visit and was in a lot of pain. He asked for a blessing and it was an incredible experience. So much peace that the power of God brings. 

Also... my comp wanted to cut my hair because I wanted some layers and she CHOPPED it... so I'm back to short lion hair haha... I just couldn't be mad though, moments like this will never come back! 

Highlight was we had to straight up book it for two blocks to get away from a drunk who was doing an incredibly fast zombie shuffle... super fun 

And our pensionista went to Lima for the weekend and we told her... just give us fruit! So like a grandma she gave us a straight up bucket of fruit and we have been gorging ourselves on all sorts of tropical fruits. Love it. 

If more than anything I learned that we can't pit our will against the Lords. Just need to be humble enough to accept it without complaining. He has such an intricate plan for each and everyone of us, I have felt that so much this week. He is just preparing us to become amazing so we can return to His presence. Felt so much of His love and plan for my life and for each of His children this week. 

Love you all. THANK YOU for your letters and encouragement. It just gets better and better! 
Hermana Clegg
hermana sirvella cooking! So great. 

soccer in the street.. lo maximo (the max!)

last night in the chapel! 

light of the world haha

where we used to pension (eat with a family)

chopped hair... haha fixed it a little this morning

brownies from home!! so goooooood...