Monday, March 28, 2016

He came to serve

after the wall was gone

March 28, 2016
Wow, what an awesome week and celebration of Easter. This week was semana santa down in Peru, which means all Thursday, Friday and Saturday was vacation and everyone just sits in their houses and watches bible movies or goes to the beach. But it was really fun to be a missionary this week! We handed out cards for the Easter video and saw a lot of cool results. 

Besides that, this week we SERVED. We had a lot of opportunities to do service which was awesome, and super tiring, but by far the best week yet. 

On Tuesday Hermana Nataly our pensionista asked if we could help take down a wall so they could build their house above her mom’s house.... sure! It was hard work but a lot of fun and always the best feeling to help. I’ll put some fotos on because it was sweet. 

Then we got to wash giant blankets for an investigator, which was also very fun, but by the end of the week I could hardly life my arms haha. 

I also went on an intercambio with Hermana Kelly! She is so awesome and it’s always nice to speak in English every now and then. They are in the CITY which was way fun, and kind of sketch, but it was so awesome to learn from her and be with her. At breakfast we had toast with cream cheese.... I had to stare at the container for like 5 min and asked "what is this?" I had totally forgotten that stuff existed! It’s SOOOO GOOD. Always the little things. 

We have a new investigator, Nora and her teenage son Alex who are awesome! They came to church and want to get baptized in April! So we’ll see! In church yesterday for Easter we sang "I know that my redeemer lives" in Spanish and it was so fun! The spirit was really strong and the spirit of the resurrection really testified to me. What a wonderful Sunday. 

This week I have been thinking a lot about the spirit. I feel so luck for the chance to practice and perfect a little more the opportunity to receive and act on revelation. I’m still learning, but I was thinking about how many amazing experiences the lord has given me to learn and feel to recognize His voice. In the womens conference they said that was one of the most important skills we can develop, so true! 

Love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Hermana Clegg
cleaning the rocks and boulders out 

before... kind of


washing blankets

intercambios.... got to do correlation with my two old leaders of distrito!! haha

Monday, March 21, 2016

Finally fall....

finding the lost sheep

March 21, 2016
Well, everyone went back to school, and it is FINALLY cooling down a little bit. 

This week has been good, I don’t really have that much to report, pretty normal. 

On Monday we got permission to go to the center and send a package of Hermana Palomino.... free at last. I prayed that morning that somehow I would be able to see Hermana Wood because I missed her so much! Sure enough we went to lunch same place, same time! Prayer works! It was soo good to see her! 

Also had an intercambio in Patapo, the mountain town of Polmaca which was super fun! I learned a lot and it was really hot, but we had some awesome lessons and I felt the spirit so strong with Hermana Alcedo! And we got to hold a goat and got eaten alive by mosquitos haha... 

One thing that is really cool is we had an awesome reference from a member Hermana Juana to a lady named Cynthia who is AWESOME. We taught about the Book of Mormon and she read and had so many questions about baptism and lots of interest. My testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown so much, it has POWER and literally within minutes of reading changes everything in the investigators thinking and desire. 

Overall, still loving Peru! I love teaching and the joy that comes from sharing the light and peace that the gospel brings. Few receive it, but those that do you can literally feel and see the joy and spirit that comes with the truth of the gospel. 

Love it. 

Hermana Clegg
pday of hermanas! We love parties and sports! 

lil thirsty... we've turned to drinking just like the peruvians! 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Presidential Status....

arroz con leche (rice with milk)

March 14, 2016
Well, it is election time here in Peru, so that seems to be the main talk going around. Kind of exciting! And, this week has had quite a few adventures, and lots to do with President haha. 

On Monday we went to the doctor for my companion, turns out she almost ruptured both her eardrums from using q-tips, and had a bad infection because of it. But while we were waiting in the hospital, I was talking to the lady next to me and explained the importance of the Book of Mormon, and offered her one and she straight up turned me down. I was kind of bothered, but then my companion was talking to another lady and when I told my comp that the lady next to me turned down my offer, she said "good, because my lady wants one!" haha..... He always has a plan. Turns out the other lady had heard from the elders in Reque, and they were going to bring her a Book of Mormon and never came! So that was a cool experience. 

Also, we got a new relief society president who is going to save my life! She is young, from a kind of sketchy part of Chiclayo, and super excited to work! We had a lot of fun and success this week, so that’s awesome! 

Tuesday morning Hermana Williams called and asked if we could help train the pensionistas with her, so for the next 4 weeks every Thursday we go with President and Hermana Williams all over Chiclayo to train the pensionistas what they should and should not do.... not sure if that was a good idea because I have had a LOT that I wanted to tell the pensionistas, but it actually went really well and was a lot of fun. Excited to keep helping them! 

Thursday afternoon Hermana Williams came and proselyted with us which was awesome. She ALWAYS has the spirit so strong with her, and the people’s faces just change when they feel of her testimony. At night we went and dropped her off at the mission home, and she told us we could go back and that president would come with the keys..... so we left, but had a strong impression to go back and wait with her, which we followed and waited until he came. It was so fun to talk with her, who knows what would have happened, but happy to have followed the prompting. 

I am always amazed at the strength and sacrifice of the members here. We had a fhe with a family in our ward, they are awesome but are going through some tough times financially. We had a noche de  hogar about paying tithing and obedience, and they were excited to keep that commandment better and testified that the blessings would come. Then we played “don’t eat pete” which is always a hit haha... 

Hermana Palomino and I are trying to speak in English more, because she knows it! I was talking about the names of our family and said Brooklyn and she said "broccoli?" hahahaha.... we laughed pretty hard. 

Over all, I am loving the Book of Mormon and the example of Nephi. It seems whenever there is a situation that he could complain, he gives thanks. And that act of giving thanks and praying is what helps him out, while Laman and Lemuel complaining is what makes things worse. 

It’s been hot, no one wants to listen and there has been a lot of knocking this week, but I have found so much joy in trying to give thanks and look for the simple joys and good things the Lord is doing to help the work progress. 

Either way, there is no greater joy than being one of the Lord’s missionaries in this time, sure grateful for all He has done for me. 

Love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Hermana Clegg 
el lugar de siempre... pday lunch

took some pics at the Chiclayo sign for pday! 

love her!


president's air conditioned car.....


Monday, March 7, 2016

Best one yet

Me and Ingrid

March 7, 2016
Well, this week was definitely the best one yet. There were so many miracles and I learned so much. 

On Monday, for LEAP DAY we had to do something fun so we flew a kite with our pensionista’s son Jospeh. It was SO FUN. There were lots of cables though, it got caught about 3 times and when it broke we decided we had had enough haha.... but it was the best leap day ever! 

Also.... there has been quite a bit of culture shock this week. I ate some bad fish that made me sick, and one of our less actives got possessed with a devil..... enough said. Chiclayo is known for its witchcraft and crazy beliefs..... kind of weird to deal with it first hand. The elders gave her a blessing and she is better now, but it started a chain of conversations in which I heard TOO MANY crazy stories and beliefs haha..... too funny. 

I also did an intercambio with Hermana Leiataua and she was SO AWESOME. She is from Compton, CA and so cool. She is a little bit older, has her masters and seriously taught me so much! She taught with such power and was so good at sharing her pure testimony. The gospel really is so simple. So that was way fun. 

Also, the hermanas of Imperio had a baptism! We went with our investigator Liduvina and it was such neat experience. The spirit was really strong and even President and Hermana Williams were there which was fun. I love seeing people take that step closer to Christ. 

Haha.... so in Peru funerals are really big. And this week the dad of the neighboring ward’s bishop passed away. We still had church while his funeral went on, but there were hardly any members haha. Me and Hermana Palomino ended up teaching young womens which was AMAZING. I loved it sooooooo much. I feel like I was just there! We talked about the spirit, and I am so grateful for the spirits guide to bring me where I am today! 

Besides that we have been trying to find new people, lots of knocking and lots of SUNSHINE. However we have found people that the Lord really did prepare. One lesson, we taught a guy named Milton and his mom and they were so prepared and seriously wanted us to leave so they could start reading in the Book of Mormon. Just kept from the truth because they don’t know where to find it. 

I am SO HAPPY to be part of bringing others to know the BEST MESSAGE ever. There is no joy that can compare to doing what the Lord wants every day. I love this gospel and my savior so much and am thankful for the chance to serve, even when it’s not that easy. 

Hope you all have a great week! Hope it’s the best one yet! 
Hermana Clegg
flying a kite on leap day!

Hermana Leiataua 

hot and sick week haha


Me and Ingrid. She is a member that comes with us and this a picture when she told me she was pregnant! 

We got locked in the church because everyone went to the funeral haha

kite flying! (this may be my favorite picture ever)