Sunday, May 31, 2015

When you eat a banana at night

My comp rubbing in how giant I am haha 

May 25, 2015

Haha... just have to start off by saying that I LOVE PERU! This week has been so awesome and I’m so thankful for the chance to be here serving. 

I was pretty sick this week... and one night I asked my comp what we ate that was killing me... and she said, "Hermana Ivonne gave us a banana yesterday at night. Bananas are cold foods so that probably made you sick! Have you ever eaten a banana at night before?" laughing in my head I said "no... man that probably is what did it!" hahaha... starting to see how living here your whole life could be fun. 

Also my comp said I was sleep talking in Spanish and English... success on the language. 

This week has been pretty normal but still awesome. We have a family who are starting to progress and so great. They have six kids and are MARRIED. Definitely prepared haha... but kneeling and praying with them I just felt that they would be baptized. We’ll do our best to fulfill the prompting haha... 

There are a couple gringas that live here and our teaching English. One day we contacted them and it was SO HARD to share the gospel in English... she was super not interested and the whole time after I felt bad for the missionaries in the states haha... little harder. 

Taught a couple very blinded by the apostasy female priests this week which was exciting....

We have one investigator named Wendy that has been attending church for over 6 months, and knows its true, but we are struggling to get her to be baptized. I’ve never hated albedrio so much... ugh agency. But its true, in telling these menos activos and other people that really if they know its true they have to act... but remembering that the reason I’m here is just to invite.

Also the bishop asked us to visit an eight year old girl that was getting baptized on Sunday and we found out that no one had done anything for the baptism.. so that was a little stressful. I ended up speaking and doing a musical number, but it all turned out. 

All I know is I feel better than I ever have before as a missionary. Although we aren’t seeing much success.. I have really felt the joy of the gospel and the hope it brings. And that if it’s true, nothing else really matters. Hope you all have a great week and know how loved you are! 

Hermana Clegg 
Nuevo Reque... where our investigator Wendy lives... humbling.

Visit to the beach again today... wind pipes haha... paradise. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Thank San Martin....

Reunited with my mommy... trainer haha...Hermana Bean
May 18, 2015
Well, this week has been great! Celebrations of some saints, and the one from Reque is named San Martin... so there has been loads of parties this week! Super fun... not a lot of sleep in the night thought haha... but lots of people to share the gospel with! 

The highlight of this week was the multi zona with President Williams and his wife. So spiritually uplifting and also motivating, I love being a missionary. I also go to see lots of friends, old companions and more. And we ate McDonalds... that may have been my favorite part haha. 

Also this week I had an intercambio with Hermana Cruz and I directed the area... I only got lost once so I called it a success haha. But it was SO nice to talk in English for a day. She is from Huntington Beach so we talked California for forever... she is so awesome. 

Besides that it was a pretty normal week of sharing the gospel and testifying. Love it so much. 
One lesson in particular was a lady in the street knitting with her friend, so we sat down and she started pouring out her life or problems, and one thing that I have really gained a testimony of this week was the power of obedience, that it really is a promise of blessings. We shared some scriptures and then she turned to her friend and said "do you keep the commandments? I know I don’t... maybe that is our problem" hahaha.... so funny but so true. 

In Alma 48:16 it talks about Moroni glorifying in the promise, and even though at times it seems like the blessings aren’t coming and the Lord is just trying our patience, they ALWAYS come. Definitely something to rejoice about... one more reason everyone wants to marry Moroni, haha. 

I told my pensionista that I wanted to try arroz con leche... rice pudding and she made it 3 times this week haha... SO YUMMY. 

Also we were trying to get references from members and she told us to visit her neighbor who was sick... so we did even though the sign on the door said "we are catholic... go away”... haha well kind of. But it was such a humbling experience to talk of the plan of salvation and power of the priesthood with them. That really Christ has suffered our sickness in this life. We had to help her throw up in the middle of the lesson, but her husband and son were super willing to let us come back. Crazy how the Lord prepares people! 

Kind of crazy all the miracles I get to see and be part of cada dia. One thing I know is that the promises of the Lord are sure. Hope you all can feel of His love and have a great week!

Hermana Clegg
Hermanas... woot! multizona 

California adventure... almost like the real thing haha.... love it. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy 6 months to myself haha

May 11, 2015

Well, this week was pretty awesome. Same old work, but loving it just the same. 

Funny things that happened... 
One night we were contacting and my comp was on the phone and I was trying to give a picture of Christ to a nice lady, and she wouldn’t take it. I kept trying to explain that she doesn’t have to pay and that it’s a gift, but all the same she wouldn’t. I got super frustrated because I thought she couldn’t understand me, but turns out she was just a Jehovahs Witness haha.. 
I got peed on by a little kid... not sure what is going on with my luck, but proof that all children should wear pants haha. 

This week was a little frustrating. In our ward there are about 3 investigators that come to church every week, but don’t really have the desire to be baptized... because they don’t quite understand the doctrina. This week we had and AMAZING lesson with one of our investigators named Wendy, and another member, and the spirit bore testimony so strong the whole time, but in the end of all of it she still wouldn’t accept the invitation... kind of bummer, but everyone has their agency, so well keep working on it haha. 

Also this week I’ve been thinking a lot about sacrifice, and why the price of living the gospel at times is not easy... and many times is pretty hard. But reading the writings of Paul gave me some more insight... "All that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution." If we really want to use this life to become like Jesus Christ and follow His example, we have to be willing to pay the price. But the miracles and blessings that come from sacrifice always bring me to my knees in thanks. What a wonderful opportunity we have to "wear out our lives" in the service of others and feel of the grace and goodness of the gospel. D&C 123:3

Anyhow, learned lots. Learned to run away from drunks, and I’m in love with this life the Lord has given me. 

Hope you all have a great week! 
Hermana Clegg
Went to THE BEACH with the district! BEST DAY EVER! Love the ocean!

An old abandoned church

Monday, May 4, 2015

6 months down....

Got mcflurries from Tottus

May 4, 2015
WOOT! Hit my 6 months today, in some ways it doesn’t feel real, and in others it has literally been an eternity. But, still loving the mish and grateful for the chance to serve. 
This week was great... some highlights... 

Got peed on by a dog in a lesson.... so nasty, and it was my favorite pair of shoes. 
Got electrocuted by my shower and it blew out the thingy... reminded me of the Micheal Vey books.... ouch. I cried. 

TAYLOR SWIFT made it to Peru.... Blank Space came on in the calle and I just about died, especially knowing I am the only one who understands here... haha kind of regretting memorizing her album before I left.

Ate a bowl of cocoa puffs with REAL MILK and crepes... LOVE MY PENSTIONISTA. 
But things are going great here. We walk more than I ever have in my mission, and I’ve seen more poverty and also more people with money than I have before in my mission. We teach in a part called Nuevo Reque and its SUPER humble... kids going the bathroom in the street, dogs, no chairs, dirt, dirt and dirt. Love it and have been so humbled by being able to teach there. But we have found some great people to teach and are working on helping them progress.

Our ward is awesome and we had a noche misional which was super fun and lots of investigators came. I love the members here lots and realize how great it is to BE ABLE TO TALK WITH THEM. Definitely have felt the power of the gift of tongues to realize how much better I can speak and understand to help these people. But I’m stoked to work here. 
We have a lady named Juana who has attended forever but her spouse doesn’t want her to be baptized... working on that. But we visited her with the bishop and she just cried as she talked about her desire to follow Christ. Love it. 

We helped another hermana do visiting teaching and visited a couple of 96 and 94... so precious. They couldn’t hear much, but it was so sweet to see their dedication to the Lord.
Besides that this week was pretty normal, still pretty lost, but working harder than I ever have before... but its so rewarding. Knowing that this is the work of salvation and the opportunity to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord has blessed me so much. Stoked for another year of it. 

Love you all! 
Hermana Clegg
my penstionista cutting open the package

Opening my package with the son of my pensionsita haha... THANK YOU FAM.

 Ate all of the sugar and felt like crap, but I had to before the ants got to it...