Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pomalca... times 3!

New comps Hermana Monson and Hermana Nelson

July 20, 2015
Well.... this mission thing just seems to get crazier and crazier... 
My new area is called Pomalca.... quick summary. 
DIRT. Everyday all day.. so much, in your teeth and everything... 
Sugar cane... it is a small pueblito surrounded by sugar cane fields... and lots of mosquitos. 
Really nice houses and people. I LOVE the people here, never have I met such nice and caring and open people. It’s awesome. 
AND my companions... yup. I’m in a 3 some with TWO GRINGAS FROM UTAH. So we are 3 white girls walking the streets of Peru talking about Utah. Hermana Nelson from American Fork and Hermana Monson from Sandy.
IT IS THE BEST. Never have I loved the mission so much and felt so much that the Lord answers prayers. 
Also, my pensionista is the best person I have ever met. She makes me what I want and we are trying to figure out my health together. So awesome. 
The area is great, we are trying to figure out the ward because two of us are new and Hermana Monson has like 3 weeks here. But so far so good. Best parts about the week... 
Teaching a family that we recently found that lives in a really nice house.. nicest I have see on the mish and they are so open to the restoration and fed us chocolate cake, literally almost died I was so happy. A family in a really nice house wants to give us chocolate cake and accept the gospel... I’m signing, you’re signing, we’re all signing!! (That thing you do) 
Also we run every morning around a dirt soccer field and I cheer on my companions who have been running a lot more than me haha... 
We have a menos activo that we got to see milk some cows on her farm... feels like home! 
All in all... I have felt extremely blessed this week. SO BLESSED. I just love the strength that the Lord gives us and the way he will give us what we ask for if it is in His will. 
I also have been studying a lot about the pioneers for the month and one thing I loved was talking about the Zion’s camp. It talks of how they went through a lot of hard things, not to really help the other saints, but to make them into future leaders of the church. People who would serve the Lord a hundred percent all the time, no matter what the circumstances... In a way I feel that is the mission... it’s hard, it’s trying, but its amazing. The spirit I am learning to follow and the blessings that flow, all just preparing me and helping me get my heart in the right place. 
And the best part is I am FINALLY with Americans so I can celebrate the holidays... so well send a pioneer pic haha... 
Love you all. Thanks for your support, love, and letters. His promises are sure. 

Hermana Clegg 
Leaving Imperio and Hermana Zamora :(

New comps - Americans!


facials for pday from our pensionista... cant get better haha