Monday, October 26, 2015

In a Year!

October 26,2015
Well.... technically I don’t hit a year for a week... but one of my favorite lines from this week was we were knocking doors and a man said he was busy, so we asked when we could come back and he said "in a year". We laughed pretty hard..... Catholic Peruvians.... the nicest people haha... 

But few highlights.... 
Hermana Smith has a night light that projects the stars so we turned it on and just stared at them for a while, it’s the little things. 
The full moon.... gotta love that. 
It RAINED for the first time since I was in Jaen so that was awesome, we went and played basketball in it for exercise. Love it. 
Yeah that’s about it. 

This week was pretty chill, we had an intercambio and I got to go with Hermana Rasmussen! She is from California and is so awesome, I think one of my favorite parts of this calling is just LEARNING from so many great people. 

Speaking of which, we had a conference with Bolivia and Peru and Elder Anderson in a broadcast that kind of felt like a conference call. Him, Elder Uceda and Elder Soares all spoke, and I realized, I KNOW ALL OF THEM. I have either shaken their hand or been 10 feet away from them, so that was cool. He gave it all in Spanish and it was awesome. The gift of tongues is so real. So we had that on Sunday and I played A REAL PIANO which was amazing, so crazy how much I used to take for granted. 

Besides that, it was a little bit of a slow week. One of our only investigators Candy and Vanessa told us not to come back, they just wouldn’t ask or accept that the Catholic church may not have the authority and wouldn’t come to church, it was pretty sad to leave them, especially because we don’t have many investigators. 

But Hermana Nelly and Susanna are doing well! We went to teach them and their nephew and he was right up their with Korihor! He did not want anything to do with it and had so many questions and doubts. There were kids yelling and running through their restaurant, people making random comments, crazy questions, and I just sat there, end of a very long week and remembered the promise that you will not be confounded before men. I felt very confounded. I felt no one was listening and especially in that moment they weren’t listening. I questioned where was the power? But one thing I LOVED about the conference was Elder Anderson talking in Spanish, he seemed to have a split second in the beginning as he was starting out, said a word wrong and panic crossed his face, but then his expression resolved to confidence and he kept going and it turned out great. 

According to Elder Bednar.... not shrinking is the key. So I said a prayer and tried to muster the patience and courage I could. My voice was shaky as I asked "do you believe in Christ?" The room fell silent and the man looked at me and said "I think so". I then bore testimony that the only thing that will ever matter in this world is if we come unto him and come to know Him, live his teachings and accept this plan. The words and Spanish and conviction just flowed and by the time I finished, all of their expressions had changed. He then said, "Well, you have the ability to persuade, I’ll give you that!" I explained it wasn’t and never will be my ability, it’s just the truth and the spirit that comes with it. 

I loved that and all the power and spirit that comes with being a missionary, and that really through weak things like me, great things are brought to pass... even if it is a slow process. 

Love you all, but I’m really glad I’m here not there. Keep up the great week and remember to live what you know. 

Hermana Clegg

And... I can't get my pictures to work... but there was just one of us chalking our roof and the moon. Next week!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lemonade and sunsets on the beach

With Hermana Smith

October 19, 2015
It is the best. The very best. 

Highlights from this week! 
There is a SUPER good panaderia and we kind of go there frequently because the bread and desserts are so good... we are pretty good friends with the owner and this week he gave us some for free and we asked why we didn’t have to pay and he said " you’ll come back and buy a bag tomorrow" haha.... too good. 

We have been searching for more people to teach and found some right up on the top of the hill with the Cristo statue! There are about 3 little girls that LOVE us and follow us around. Hermana Smith gave them some lemonade and they went crazy! She is the best and just gave it all away and they were so excited. One of them just spilled it all over her dress. So cute. 

Also we found a lady named Marivel that lives a in a pretty poor spot, but you can see ALL of Chiclayo from her house. The sun was setting on the ocean in the distance, she accepted the message, the spirit was so strong, it was just the best. Hermana Smith said " Wow, I’m in like a really cool moment right now!" she is so cute. 

Also, Elder Uceda of the 70 came this week so we got to get together as a mission, which was awesome to see everyone. He was VERY POWERFUL and pretty much just called us to repentance, which was needed, but kind of cut to hear a few things. Always good to repent thought and become better. 

This week we had a cool experience. We contacted a lady and she let us in. We talked for a while, turns out her son had passed away at 23 from cancer and had been a member since he was 10 and was really active, although the rest of them never were. He had wanted to serve a mission, but his mom didn’t let him. But later she had a dream that he came to her and said he was serving a mission. We then read in Alma about the spirit world and the peace he was in and she just started to cry. She expressed how much joy she had to know he wasn’t suffering or in pain like he was here on earth. We explained more and she accepted to be baptized, but isn’t married so we didn’t put a date. It was so special to see the peace the gospel brings and the simple truths that these people need to hear.

The thing I have learned the most this week is how crazy involved the Lord is with our lives. One scripture I love is in Mosiah 8:19 that talks about how DOUBTLESS PREPARED the journey of his men were through the wilderness and finding the Jaredite record. It brought me lots of peace to know even if we can’t see the results... everything is DOUBTLESS PREPARED for us and happens for a reason. In the little understanding of my mission I have seen that SO much. Companions, people, experience, it all just builds upon each other until everyone is brought to the truth and lifted up together. The best. 

I love this country, the people, the struggles, the gospel, and my life. So entirely grateful for the mission and the life I have been given. 
Have a great one!
Hermana Clegg
Good to see my past companions!

Monday, October 12, 2015


BOOM... a hamburger place with Hermana Smith! Love her!

October 12, 2015
Well, first and foremost. I AM NEVER COMING BACK. I’m not. I love the mission so much and really just think that I can’t ever come back. 

I am TRAINING. And it’s the best thing ever. Well, I’m just finishing a training so it’s not that bad, and really just a lot of fun. Her name is Hermana Smith from Holiday, Utah and she is THE BEST. I love her SOOOO much and was all of the blessings I was desperately needing. 

But, I realized that this is kind of a dream. She told me that the real world is where she was and I am just like Mal and got stuck in the mission dream! But... that’s okay because I don’t have to come home for a long time. I just love the mission soooo much. I love how hard it is. I love the crazy days and the lessons that just come EVERY DAY and the miracles and hand of the Lord through it all. 

This week was great. My birthday was VERY PERUVIAN. From 10 at night the night before until 5 am there was a dance party RIGHT OUTSIDE our apt, so we didn’t sleep much, then my pensionista, the bishop, a member and a menos activo gave us cake. 4 CAKES. I was pretty sick by the end of the day, but you just have to eat it. So funny. I felt so loved and it was great day to be a missionary in Peru. 

Also we are finding more people and just having a great time together. We are teaching Hermana Nelly and Susanna and they both came to church finally, so good things are coming! 

I can’t really remember what else, it is all just so great. There is NO WHERE ELSE I would rather be, and nothing else I would rather do. Thanks for all of your support and prayers. 

I have learned that hard things are the best things. To glory in tribulation. I LOVE IT. Obviously, not in the moment, but I see how much the Lord cares about me to help me learn and look outside myself and just experience the Joy of serving.

Love you from Peru!
Hermana Clegg
Pink birthday cake! :)

Birthday package. So excited! 

2 of the parties haha...

The zone singing to me.... 5th cake.

Monday, October 5, 2015

It's the Climb!

GRINGO CONFERENCE. soooo good. All but one of us are from Utah haha

October 5, 2015
Yup... I’m quoting Miley Cyrus. But it is true! I have loved all of the hard things and good things and am realizing so much more that it is the climb that makes it worth it. 

This week was great. On pday I decided to make a dress out of a shirt and skirt I had because I was so desperate for something new. Turns out I lost a bit of my sewing ability and sewed the waist too small. I think before, I would have been frustrated, but I just thought, "what a fun experience it was to sew and relax a little". It is always about the experience and progression like we learned in conference. 

AND I pretty much know Elder Stevenson...bishop because he came to my stake and talked to each of us and we shook his hand, we were all excited for him! How cool.

haha... one of our investigator’s 19 year old son had his appendix burst, so when we went to visit her, there was Susanna and her grandma and great aunt. We tried to teach a lesson but they were SO FUNNY. Little old grandmas making crazy comments. I was crying they had me laughing so hard haha… 

The little things and miracles have stunned me this week. In trying to open my eyes to the Lord’s miracles, I realize they are everywhere. And BIG. The sky, the clouds, the people, the smiles, the principles. I loved it all. 

Also, we were serving the bishop’s wife and folding laundry and the bishop came home and bought us PIZZA. Best ward ever. 

If anything, I have felt the grace of the Lord and HIS STRENGTH this week. A lot of things here have seemed like insurmountable hurtles for me, but in just TRUSTING and giving up what I want, He has shown me the miracles and really truly CHANGED ME. I know that you can run faster than you have strength because it is not YOUR STRENGTH. You got to rely on Him. 

I’m so grateful to be here in this beautiful place... of garbage, disease stricken dogs, poverty, mountains of rice and loving people, LEARNING THE TEACHINGS OF JESUS. 

I realize me and the family proclamation have completed 20 years.... so old. I feel I cannot contain the joy that the lord has provided and given me in this time to learn of His love and bask in the JOY OF THE GOSPEL. 

Love you from Peru. 

Hermana clegg
We threw a surprise 75 birthday party for our convert Vilma and the relief society... so fun and worked out well! haha.... me and the Peruvians LOVE PARTIES!


Doughnuts from a member... love the center of the city. CIVILIZATION.

the zone

to see the Lord's hand....

the district

pizza from our bishop