Thursday, September 24, 2015

To the top

Top of the Cristo

September 21, 2015
Well, today we went to the top of this huge Cristo statue in our area without getting robbed and it was SO PRETTY. It was amazing to see the beach, and see all of the bazillion areas I have had in this little city. Chiclayo has taught me so much. 

This week we had a noche de hogar (FHE) with Hermana Vilma, a recent convert who doesn’t really ever get out and made smores with her which was so fun! However while we were cooking a GIANT BEETLE flew in and freaked us out, we turned on the light, she grabbed the beetle, took off her flip flop and stabbed her heel into it and squished it back and forth. DISGUSTING. Peruvians are so great. 

On Wednesday my agenda fell out of my backpack into a moto, and I got a call from president that they wanted money for it, so he told me just to get a new one haha... so Hermana Yucra got to lead everything which was fun! 

Also we found a great family helping bring in some supplies for their store! Service is always so great. They are MARRIED and have 3 kids. Two of them came to church on Sunday! It has been so fun to teach the simple truths with them and see the spirit light up their faces. We are so blessed. 

And... I gave my first talk in sacrament meeting! Bishop asked me to speak on faith, and since that is all we studied for Elder Bednar it wasn’t too hard. However on my way up I thought " I’ve never given a talk in Spanish before! What am I doing?" then realized that is what I do every day, and it went really well thanks to the spirit. 

This week I have just realized how blessed I am to figure it out. Heavenly father loves us so much sometimes he just doesn’t give us the answers, but gives us the confidence and nudges to keep trying and searching and eventually the pieces start to fall into place. I have learned so much about charity and what it really means to love your enemies this week, and also just how blessed we are to have the power of prayer. That is one thing I am always grateful for and ever trying to improve here in Peru. Such a sweet and tender blessing. 

Thanks for all of your support, keep up the good work! 

Hermana Clegg
Star gazing

smores with Vilma