Tuesday, September 8, 2015

City Slickin and Sky lining....

Happy birthday Tanna!

August 31, 2015
Well... it has been a change. 
I am in Chiclayo for the first time in my Peru Chiclayo Mission.... and I am just kind of dragging my heels about it all. It has been so rough to come to the city. I miss the dirt roads, the poverty, the humble people, etc. But maybe it’s time to become civilized a little more. 
I’m with Hermana Yucra from Puno, Peru who has 3 months in the mission. She is great! Not a very big talker, but has a strong desire to work. She was inactive until about 1 year ago, so its been fun to see her growth. 
Fun stuff about the area.... we live on the roof! On a fourth story building so we can see all of Chiclayo.. and the moon. I love it so much.
Also we go and play basketball in the morning, which is amazing...., love any way I can get outside haha. 
The highlight of the week was obviously when Elder Bednar came. It was amazing. He walked in and the spirit testified to me so strongly of his divine calling and who he represents, Jesus Christ. The tears just kind of flowed throughout the whole meeting. It was amazing. Him, Bishop Stevenson of the church, Elder Godoy of the seventy and Elder Suarez of the seventy all spoke to us. I was about 10 feet from the pulpit in the second row. I am so blessed. I learned so much from the spirit and was so uplifted. So many tender blessings of the Lord. 
I especially loved a few comments that he shared... 
He said "There is faith to cause, and faith to accept" he also talked about the simple truth of agency.... that we are just here to invite and inspire people to act and let Christ in. 
Also, he talked about when things are hard, it’s because there is something we don’t understand. And we should LOVE THAT. The opportunity to figure it out. Reminded me of the famous saying of my dad "figure it out." smart man. 
And that is what this week has been... a lot of figuring out. New challenges I have never had in the mission before, but it is fun to learn and rely and receive help from the Savior through it all. 
On Sunday we had a stake conference with Bishop Stevenson, the presiding bishop of the church. He talked about helping the missionaries. He had us all stand up and told the members that our families are praying that THEY will help us, just like they are praying for their sons and daughters. So we have to answer the prayers of each other and help the missionaries. I love him so much, sometimes that is the biggest struggle, when none of the members want to help. 
So please do your part ad help out the missionaries whose families are praying for them in your ward. It is all one big eternal round. 
Learned lots about the atonement this week, and am always so grateful to be a missionary, even when it is hard. 
Thanks for you love and support. 

Hermana Clegg

Gonna miss these comps!

My CCM group 

So happy to hear Elder Bednar!

First time using a straightener on the mish

The moon and the city