Monday, September 28, 2015

Spring is here


September 28, 2015

The lunar eclipse!! I had on my calendar that it was a super moon, but when I saw it was an eclipse last night I yelled in the street and we watched it on the roof. I love the moon. 

Antonio got baptized... a guy Hermana Yucra was teaching before I got here but we passed to the elders! Super fun 

Womens broadcast. I loved every word so much. The lord answers prayers. 

Besides that it was kind of a long week, the start of spring and lots of sun and rejection haha... got to love the mission. 

We had a great investigator named Flor who is catholic and married into a family of Mormons. She has heard the missionaries forever, so we have just been trying to find her need and what is impeding her. We felt impressed to talk about the apostasy, and turns out she didn’t quite understand it and thought the catholic church had authority and other things... so with all the love we could, we talked about the restoration. She got mad, then asked, "and what’s going to happen when you die and find out that all this isn’t true?” I bore my testimony and the spirit witnessed so strong that that would NOT happen. That this is the truth restored and the plan of God. It was hard to lose her, she cried and told us not to come back.... I just wish I could do more sometimes. 

But besides that we have a couple families that are going well. On Saturday we started a game of excuses and if you guessed the excuse correctly that the pĂ©ople behind doors we knocked would say, you would get a point. It was pretty fun because everyone kept saying "I’m cooking" or I’m catholic" like the last 10 months of my mission haha... 

But I love it. What a great opportunity it is to represent Jesus Christ every hour of everyday. Even though at times I don’t do very well, He loves me just the same. I’m so grateful for the tears and the hard times to learn and overcome. This cita (quote) from the conference stuck out to me. 

Live. Learn. Overcome. 

What a great adventure we are all on. 
Love you all!

Hermana Clegg 
Watching the eclipse on the roof