Monday, December 28, 2015

Feliz Año Nuevo

December 28, 2015
Well..... the black year is ending! 2015 has been the BEST one yet haha... I love the mission so much. 

This is going to be quick... not much time. 

So since Christmas it has been kind of a somber week..... Christmas night we found out our bishop’s wife.... who was pregnant and expecting a baby girl on the 27 passed away before she was born (the baby). It was really unexpected and hard because no one was working Christmas day and they didn’t know the cause. 

So this week we have helped out with the funeral and talked to the members to try and help that poor family out. I did a lot of piano playing which was good.

This week with the ward I learned what we really are supposed to do as missionaries for the ward…. We can only do so much, but we tried to make sure the ward knew what happened, then just went to support them at the funeral and viewing. I realized how we are just here to help these struggling members become stronger in their testimonies and really build them up. So many times I complain about consejo, members coming with us, etc. When really I feel I need to ask more “what can I do to help?” They have a lot bigger problems than I feel like I ever will, and I know I can do a lot more just to strengthen them and help them keep going. It was a sad and kind of exhausting week with all of that. I cried more than once being there, talking to the bishop and just realizing how fragile life is, but also being reminded of eternal truths. I know that the spirit can really help us mourn with those who mourn and try to comfort them with what we can.

I am so thankful that families can be together forever and the eternal truths of the resurrection.

We only had one hour of church before the funeral service, but we had some investigators come! The cool thing is, the whole last week we contacted and had started to teach the bishop’s sister, then his brother and his aunt and family… I know the Lord has a wise purpose in all that He does. His brother showed up, looked in the window and walked away, so I grabbed Hermana Wood and we flagged him down and told him to come back, he said he was just there for the viewing, but ended up staying and loving sacrament meeting.

The Lord has a plan for it all, sometimes it’s kind of amazing to just sit back and trust as it all falls into place.

Hope you all have a great new years with new goals and know how much I love you all!

Hermana Clegg