Monday, December 21, 2015

Feliz Navidad.....cambios for christmas

I'm going to miss her lots..... 

December 21, 2015
There is no way to capture the miracles that happened this week. So I’ll try my best. 
Monday Karina and Ivan told us they didn’t want to get married yet.... so that was a big bummer. Not going to lie I was confused. It just seemed like they were ready! But that night we had to call president for some other things and we asked about a girl named Katy that he had said if she read the Book of Mormon she could get baptized. We had planned a date for the 19th, but she wasn’t ready hardly at all so we had kind of given up hope. But he said he felt that she was ready, she has come to seminary and church for a year and is prepared, she is just 15. So we were SUPER surprised and excited. 

This whole week me and Hermana Smith had been planning the baptism and enjoying the Christmas season. So many good things are happening in Remigio. On Wednesday president came to our district meeting, helped us repent and do better then told me that I would have a cambio (change) the next day. 
So that was a little sad haha.... 

BUT I am in La Victoria AGAIN. Right next to my old area in Imperio with Hermana Wood from Canada who I was with in the CCM! We are Hermana Leaders so that will be super fun to be able to serve and help out other hermanas. She is awesome and I’m so excited to work hard with her. 

This week we also sang at the plaza de armas which was amazing! There is nothing like spreading the true meaning of Christmas as a missionary. There were lights, a giant nativity and lots of people. It was so fun to sing, and to see Hermana Smith lots haha..... 

I got to go back to see Katy get baptized which was amazing. I met Hermana Petty from HYDE PARK which was super sweet. She is such a sweetheart, her and Hermana Smith are going to kill it. Awesome hermanas. 

It seems I have learned more this week about the true meaning of Christmas than every before. It’s about giving. Giving till you just think you cant give any more. Giving till the miracles come, or even if they don’t, because He is the only real gift we can give. Then accepting the gift that he gives us every day of hope for a better tomorrow and peace through His atonement. 

I know that my Savior lives. I have felt his comforting hand more than ever this week and am so grateful for the hope and guidance he gives to all of us through the gospel, just like he did when the Father sent Him down to earth. 

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas. There is an ever real magic that comes with the profound love the Savior shares with each of us through his spirit. I hope you have the chance to feel it this Christmas season. 

Feliz Navidad! 

Hermana Clegg 
Katy's baptism!

Jumped in this one haha. 

Hermana Petty from Hyde Park! 

My new comp Hermana Wood! 

Hermana training leaders!

Such a fun night

Just for Christmas, Nelly came to see us :)