Monday, December 7, 2015

Tis the season

We are SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS... and still really spoiled haha

December 7, 2015
Well, it is that time of year, the snow is falling, it’s cold outside.... oh wait. Haha we have sweated to death this week, the heat is picking up. But, it’s been awesome. 

This week my flip flops broke.... they almost lasted me the whole way. 

We had 2 DOGS come to church haha..... Nelly has these dogs that follow us everywhere, they came to sacrament with us though which was a little too far. It must have looked pretty funny though, me playing the piano with two dogs barking on my lap. We shooed them out for sacrament.... but they stayed and waited outside for the whole 3 hours.... better than investigators haha.. 

Also, I went on an intercambio to the Beverly Hills of Chiclayo which was fun. We were teaching a lesson though and a MASSIVE bull dog runs out of this room and jumps on me and starts slobbering my arm. I kind of just closed my eyes and froze while her husband pulled it off me. It scared the sister I was with pretty bad though, but had me laughing the whole night haha. 

During this time of Christmas we get to hand out contact cards for the new Christmas movie which is super fun, and if they are rich enough we watch it on their phones with them. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. Also we have our mission Christmas party this week which should be super fun and the next week are singing in the plaza de armas.... it doesn’t get better! 

The coolest thing that happened this week, we had a pretty busy day, got home pretty tired, were ready to plan but I felt like we should go see Karina and Ivan, see how they were doing. So we walk out, climb the hill and ask "is everything okay?" He said no and we went in and Karina was super sick and in a ton of pain in her stomach. We called a member to come give her a blessing and he shows up with a whole bottle of olive oil and could give her a blessing. It was a really cool experience of following the spirit, we got to bed a little late, but it was cool to feel once again how much Heavenly Father loves his children. They didn’t come to church because she was still sick, but they are amazing. I love them SO MUCH. 

Besides that it was a pretty normal week. We got to help the relief society out and help them practice feliz navidad in English. I love this ward so much. It has literally changed from night to day! Miracles happen. 

Also we have been preparing some gift packages, and it is amazing the spirit of Christmas that comes. Just serving. Pretty sure being a missionary is THE BEST WAY to celebrate Christmas, you can give ALL DAY LONG. 

Hope you all are doing well, thanks for all of your support and prayers. Love you lots! 

Hermana Clegg
Growing a tree!! My mom is the coolest haha...

Cereal in the room with christmas mugs with Hermana Guillen! Part of me has really missed Latinas haha