Monday, March 7, 2016

Best one yet

Me and Ingrid

March 7, 2016
Well, this week was definitely the best one yet. There were so many miracles and I learned so much. 

On Monday, for LEAP DAY we had to do something fun so we flew a kite with our pensionista’s son Jospeh. It was SO FUN. There were lots of cables though, it got caught about 3 times and when it broke we decided we had had enough haha.... but it was the best leap day ever! 

Also.... there has been quite a bit of culture shock this week. I ate some bad fish that made me sick, and one of our less actives got possessed with a devil..... enough said. Chiclayo is known for its witchcraft and crazy beliefs..... kind of weird to deal with it first hand. The elders gave her a blessing and she is better now, but it started a chain of conversations in which I heard TOO MANY crazy stories and beliefs haha..... too funny. 

I also did an intercambio with Hermana Leiataua and she was SO AWESOME. She is from Compton, CA and so cool. She is a little bit older, has her masters and seriously taught me so much! She taught with such power and was so good at sharing her pure testimony. The gospel really is so simple. So that was way fun. 

Also, the hermanas of Imperio had a baptism! We went with our investigator Liduvina and it was such neat experience. The spirit was really strong and even President and Hermana Williams were there which was fun. I love seeing people take that step closer to Christ. 

Haha.... so in Peru funerals are really big. And this week the dad of the neighboring ward’s bishop passed away. We still had church while his funeral went on, but there were hardly any members haha. Me and Hermana Palomino ended up teaching young womens which was AMAZING. I loved it sooooooo much. I feel like I was just there! We talked about the spirit, and I am so grateful for the spirits guide to bring me where I am today! 

Besides that we have been trying to find new people, lots of knocking and lots of SUNSHINE. However we have found people that the Lord really did prepare. One lesson, we taught a guy named Milton and his mom and they were so prepared and seriously wanted us to leave so they could start reading in the Book of Mormon. Just kept from the truth because they don’t know where to find it. 

I am SO HAPPY to be part of bringing others to know the BEST MESSAGE ever. There is no joy that can compare to doing what the Lord wants every day. I love this gospel and my savior so much and am thankful for the chance to serve, even when it’s not that easy. 

Hope you all have a great week! Hope it’s the best one yet! 
Hermana Clegg
flying a kite on leap day!

Hermana Leiataua 

hot and sick week haha


Me and Ingrid. She is a member that comes with us and this a picture when she told me she was pregnant! 

We got locked in the church because everyone went to the funeral haha

kite flying! (this may be my favorite picture ever)