Monday, March 28, 2016

He came to serve

after the wall was gone

March 28, 2016
Wow, what an awesome week and celebration of Easter. This week was semana santa down in Peru, which means all Thursday, Friday and Saturday was vacation and everyone just sits in their houses and watches bible movies or goes to the beach. But it was really fun to be a missionary this week! We handed out cards for the Easter video and saw a lot of cool results. 

Besides that, this week we SERVED. We had a lot of opportunities to do service which was awesome, and super tiring, but by far the best week yet. 

On Tuesday Hermana Nataly our pensionista asked if we could help take down a wall so they could build their house above her mom’s house.... sure! It was hard work but a lot of fun and always the best feeling to help. I’ll put some fotos on because it was sweet. 

Then we got to wash giant blankets for an investigator, which was also very fun, but by the end of the week I could hardly life my arms haha. 

I also went on an intercambio with Hermana Kelly! She is so awesome and it’s always nice to speak in English every now and then. They are in the CITY which was way fun, and kind of sketch, but it was so awesome to learn from her and be with her. At breakfast we had toast with cream cheese.... I had to stare at the container for like 5 min and asked "what is this?" I had totally forgotten that stuff existed! It’s SOOOO GOOD. Always the little things. 

We have a new investigator, Nora and her teenage son Alex who are awesome! They came to church and want to get baptized in April! So we’ll see! In church yesterday for Easter we sang "I know that my redeemer lives" in Spanish and it was so fun! The spirit was really strong and the spirit of the resurrection really testified to me. What a wonderful Sunday. 

This week I have been thinking a lot about the spirit. I feel so luck for the chance to practice and perfect a little more the opportunity to receive and act on revelation. I’m still learning, but I was thinking about how many amazing experiences the lord has given me to learn and feel to recognize His voice. In the womens conference they said that was one of the most important skills we can develop, so true! 

Love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Hermana Clegg
cleaning the rocks and boulders out 

before... kind of


washing blankets

intercambios.... got to do correlation with my two old leaders of distrito!! haha