Friday, December 5, 2014

Chistes and Zombies....

November 26, 2014
Man! What a great week this has been! I love the MTC and everything about it. Btdubs my Pday is today because of thanksgiving and such, and maybe will be Wednesday the rest of the time... so there is that! But seriously, I love everything about the CCM and being a missionary. All of it.
One of the funniest parts of this week was when I ran into one of the new Latino sisters. I was coming out of the hall bathroom and she was coming in, and we both kind of saw each other and took a step back, and she look so scared! Because... she literally came up to my belly button! I felt like a giant monster and felt so bad for scaring her, she literally tilted her head all the way up to look at me haha.... got to get used to that feeling. She is super nice though.

Also, during class our favorite teacher who always jokes told us to prepare to teach the Latinos in five minutes, then about 2 minutes later he was like, "NO worries, is un chiste (joke)" And from earthquakes, to Latinos, to verbs due, etc, I was sick of his chistes, so through laughing frustration I said, "YO ENFERMO SUS CHISTES" (I‘m sick of your jokes haha) and his response back was "USTED ES UN CHISTE!!" (YOU ARE A JOKE!" haha we all were like crying laughing... the people here are literally so funny and almost never serious.

Now for the Zombie part. I can feel the brain washing happening. I don’t want to get ready in the morning, I only want to read my scriptures out loud in Spanish and stuff like that. I can’t remember names of artists, movies, people, etc. from home. My favorite thing of the day is watching a clip of a general authority, and it’s the best day ever if we have fish for dinner. Things that are NOT NORMAL but truly are amazing. I know these changes are good because I am truly learning how to become a better missionary and give myself to the Lord completely for these next months. Although, it has been a struggle. Not singing songs "of the world" has been incredibly difficult. And although I do let Disney and some other good ones stay, a lot of other ones do distract from what we are doing here, and it has been a struggle. Also not being able to just go running and play the piano have been some rough withdrawals. HOWEVER in reading a talk about becoming a consecrated missionary (thank you Amanda!!) I have realized that the blessings of choosing the things of the world and giving up those "little things" that are holding you back is so worth it. I felt the spirit SO strong, in lessons, in just everything. A quote I loved from a talk this week was "We were created and destined for glory long before the world was, therefore, which is more important?" I know that I am forced to choose only the things that help me spiritually and are not of the world, but know that in choosing to do and spend time with spiritual things you will always be more blessed. Also, yesterday me and my comp walked around the little box for like 2 hours memorizing the first vision and such and I did feel like a zombie then haha....

Also the other night we had the opportunity to do lessons with the NEWBIES and let me tell you, the lord has blessed me! I realized that I actually had learned something here and knew Spanish! One time though we were with these elders that were not even trying. NOT EVEN! And it kind of made me mad because I could see they didn’t realize at all the sacredness of their calling. Then when it was our turn to give feedback, I felt the Spirit burn in me so strong and words just flowed. I told them they needed to realize they had been set apart to teach and had the Lord on their side, and that even if they couldn’t do anything, they could try. I felt so much power and knew that they needed to hear that. After I said that I said, sorry to be so harsh, I just felt SO strongly that I needed to tell you that, and they were chill with it. Afterwards I almost threw up though cause I felt bad... maybe that’s just a reaction to feeling the spirit strong haha... But after that I realized... holy smokes! I’m like a missionary! I can feel the Spirit working through me and saying the things Heavenly Father needs to tell his children. Haha you would have thought I’d figured that out long ago, but it was a fun realization for me...

Anyhow, nothing else too exciting. My hermanas and district are so great! There is this one elder from a Navajo reservation in Arizona and he tells us some pretty awesome stories! Dad I told him about the blood suckers and the cave, but he said he hadn’t heard it haha... so that’s fun. Also we have played volleyball EVERY DAY this week and one day we did Hermanas vs. Elders and WE TOTALLY KILLED! Well.. if we kept score we would have haha... Oh man, and the one day I did play soccer, the teacher reffing told us to be careful because the new group of Latinos we have is very aggressive... and we said okay. But then halfway through the game he told us we couldn’t play because he didn’t want us to get hurt.. I was kind of mad we got kicked out, but then some elder almost broke his ankle and had to go to the hospital, so I felt better after that. If there is one thing that is serious here, it’s soccer. They kind of just don’t apply the competitive rule to it haha.

Have a happy thanksgiving and know I am thankful for all of you!!


Hermana Clegg