Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas Jaen!

Dec. 25, 2014
Wow. so much has happened it is crazy. All I can say is... wow. First off my new area is Jaen... which originally I got on a 7 hour bus ride thinking I was headed to High End... the gringo ness is unbelievable. My area is awesome. It is a mountainous city that is the farthest area out in our mission that they send sisters to, and the hottest. I have not stopped sweating since I got here... even in the cold showers, haha...
Pretty much all I know is that I do not know Spanish haha.... The CCM is full of false hope, but thats okay, I learned lots of good things there. My companion is Herman Bean from Colorado and is awesome, not just because she speaks English, but she is cool! Peru is awesome. All of the families live in little rooms with their whole family. Cousins, uncles, grandmas, everyone lives in the same area with little cuartos slash rooms... crazy. 
Culture shock is unreal. I never thought I could see so much garbage, gross animals, poor people, and chicken are rice. I love it. There was a couple days during the deer in the headlight phase last week where I just thought... why in the world did I want to go to a 3rd world country! But one day while we were eating watermelon.. I was eating it and it had tons of seeds. I started to pick off the seed so I could eat the watermelon, but it showed to be impossible. So I just started to eat the watermelon with the seeds, and realized it was kind of like being here in Peru. There are TONS of good parts. The people, the mountains, the culture, etc. But there are a lot of seeds that I was having a hard time dealing with... one big one being Spanish haha... But I realized, it still tastes good with the seeds, and ya just got to enjoy the watermelon! After that it’s been great, and I'm starting to really love teaching people with bugs crawling all over me and sweat dripping down my face. Having the opportunity to help others feel the love Heavenly Father has for us is awesome, and I love teaching them the gospel. Even though they laugh cause my Spanish is so bad, hopefully I get a few words out that the spirit is telling me. 
We live in a pretty nice apartment and have a pentisita that works in a restaurant and we eat there. SO SPOILED! 
Pretty much I am blessed beyond belief to be here for my first area, so awesome! 
I don't have a lot of time, so I'm just going to send pictures and say that Heavenly Father is aware of us in EVERY way. Always remember to pray to Him and do the little things. Just in the 7 days I've been here and taught investigatores and menos activos, I've seen that the little things are what converts us and changes our lives. 

Know I love you all and WISH I could respond to all of you this week, but I hopefully I can next week. Thanks for your love, support, and example. Merry Christmas, it really is all about the Savior. Hopefully I'll have more time next week. Love you all! 

Hermana Clegg

Lindy and her companion Sister Bean

Christmas package!

It was so great to Skype on Christmas Day!