Friday, December 5, 2014

One month a missionary?!!

Dec. 4, 2014
Oh man, it has been one month since I became a missionary, crazy beans!! It has flown by and at the same time it gets hard to remember life before the box of the CCM in Peru haha...
Thanks for all of your updates and emails, I LOVE hearing about your lives and all the fun stuff going on. You all are seriously such amazing support to me, thanks for being awesome!

This week was pretty great, learned more spanish, learned more gospel things and how to teach more, kind of getting old and I’m STOKED I’m finally an Advensario and get to leave in one short week and a half!!
Thanksgiving in Peru was so much fun. We had turkey, potatoes and pie so what more can you ask for? Also we all went around the cafeteria table of Hermanas and said what we were thankful for, some traditions are just the best. Also, we had a MASSIVE TURKEYBOWL football game with all the North American missionaries and it was such a party. I thought I was going to die of heatstroke, but it was so fun. Merica!
Also this week we had the BEST DAY EVER! Let me explain. Our whole district was kind of having a rough morning with language and stuff, and I said, "Hey, today is the best day ever! Wanna know why?" from there we all complained about things in the CCM and then stated all the awesome things about being here, and the whole day was amazing cause we were all saying "BEST DAY EVER!!" That quote can literally change lives haha... so from then on we say it every day, as well as quote Mr. Peabody and Sherman and say "pretty fantastic!" I promise you, any problem can be fixed with a change of attitude and faith in the Lord.
Another highlight was on Saturday, it was our morning teacher’s last day and she has taught at the CCM for 4 years!! So obviously, if you know me, we HAD to throw a party!! It was also our afternoon teacher’s birthday, so we threw a massive party... well, as crazy as you can get here in the CCM. We made a banner, a card, and gave a gift to each of them. Then after class with both of them we toasted to Inca Cola (kind of like cream soda but better) in the cafeteria. SO FUN and honestly am so grateful for them, they are amazing, i just wish they would speak in English sometimes haha..
Also I SAW THE MOON for the first time since I’ve been here! It is pretty polluted and foggy, so I was super stoked! It is at a different angle down here which took about a half hour for some elders to explain that to me, but I love it so much because it reminds me of all the people I love haha...
We’ve been playing volleyball pretty religiously and figured out some pretty intense teams, such a blast. One day I went up and blocked Elder Romrell (who is this elder that always slams it down) and it went right back into his face.... felt kind of bad about that. Then the next day I got a massive fat lip when I collided my face with the back of an Elders head. Maybe a sign we need to tone it down haha... So that was embarrassing and made it harder to speak Spanish for a day, but it’s all good now. That day also some Hermanas got back from a service project and said "Hermana Clegg, Elder Batty says hi!" WHAT? Turns out he was like 20 feet away from me, but maybe it was better. Just a little bummed because he is such a good friend, crossing my fingers though haha....
Hahahaha.... so also I was coming out of our district classroom and started to walk away and my head got yanked back because my hair was stuck in the crease of the door!! A Latino elder yelled "HERMANA!" Cause I couldn’t figure out what was going on and he opened the door haha... sometimes I think one of my talents is embarrassing myself and making other people laugh...
Another great part was on Thanksgiving we had a live devotional broadcast from Provo with Elder Bednar. Whoo... powerful stuff. One of my favorite things that he said was that being out on a mission is better than anything you could do by being at home. Meaning, for young adults, senior couples, etc, it is better for your family and friends to feel your absence and see your example than it is for you to be at family parties, etc. So if it is right for you, GO ON A MISSION. Honestly the best decision I’ve ever made and love every part of it.
The Lord knows you and your needs. If there is one thing I’ve learned this month, cause I still haven’t figured out conjugations haha, it is that PRAYER WORKS. In every possible need you have, prayer works and your Heavenly Father hears you.
Also I’ve felt your prayers and have been so blessed because of all of you.

Have the BEST WEEK EVER and know that I love you!
   Hermana Clegg

Mom-Thanks for your letters. Love you and excited for your new calling! Also I sing my turn on earth and no one knows it haha... dang. Also can I get Jessica’s email from you? I got it but didn’t add it and wanted to write her!
Dad- Hope things are going well with work, another Elder here said his dad is an engineer and he literally can’t talk about what he does. Haha i said you made chicken coops! But then said that you really were a genius of course haha.
Megan and Alex- I LOVE YOUR BABY! He is so precious and looks just like troy did. Congrats, it sounds like everything went well! Good luck with this next month!
Wyatt- Glad you got to have fun with your friends for thanksgiving, good luck with finals coming up and doing something fun in provo for me!
Dawsen- What are you up to now that band is over? Tell me about your life too haha... the details! (haha girls!)
Tanna- Congrats on volleyball! Hows that going? Good job on all yalls grades too, keep it up! Let me know how your last name boys are. I can’t remember them because they were so weird, their names, not them haha! And your hair is totes adorbs! super cute!
Andie- I have twinner pants as you and every time I wear them I think of ya! Are you excited for the Tavaci Program?
Brooklyn- How’s it going? Still sleeping with my suitcase because of you.

Love you all!