Monday, January 5, 2015

Las Naranjas

January 5, 2015
Well, short week, but SO MUCH BETTER. Honestly, adjusting to being a missionary is hard work. There are so many things that are just different, especially in a different culture, so it was a little bit of a rough week. I can honestly see how missionaries go home, at times it has crossed my mind, but then I always find a bajillion more pros than cons to stay. It’s hard, but when you turn to the Lord its possible. I love being out here, and am grateful for the trials and the good. 
Today for Pday we went on the sickest hike ever! It was called Las Naranjas and was about 20 min drive up the mountain to start it. It was so fun to hike with our district through the Peruvian Jungle and we got to see an amazing waterfall. Hopefully I can get the pictures to work! 
This week has gone well, there has been rough moments, but through prayer and hard work and blessing those moments turned into the good moments.... the worst part of the week was when I lost my water bottle in a gutter... good thing I bought another one before the mish (thanks mom!) but kind of sad...
We had a lot of good lessons, and a few really good new investigators. A lot of the work we do is reactivation, so we have taught a lot of less actives the last few days. We found a couple of new investigators who seem to be really prepared for the message of the gospel. One is a single mom and in our first lesson she asked if we knew a Hermano in our ward who is also a doctor. She went on to say what a nice man he was and how it always amazed her that he came over to take care of her kids when they were sick at whatever hour. 
That made me realize how important members are in missionary work once again. Because of his example we have had an easier time teaching her, so never forget to really show what the church is in the way you act. It makes a difference! 
Also, our pentista has been on vacation this week... so everyday we have eaten either cereal with sweetened condensed milk, or fried eggs and bananas.... I’m excited for her to get back haha.... 
I love the mission more and more each day... I just have to find little ways to have a good attitude and faith. For example, getting in a freezing cold shower isn’t as hard when I imagine jumping into Bear Lake! Or I put a picture of snowy trees from the Liahona by my bed, because its easy to get up to go skiing, and it makes the mornings better. 
One thing I’ve learned this week is that we all have strengths and weaknesses, although I think the mission is really good at pointing out weaknesses, I know that we all have spiritual strengths that the lord has given us to help others. As I try to focus on the strengths I have... talking to people, giving candy to kids, smiling, etc. It’s easier to make the weaknesses like Spanish not seem so bad. I know that this is what Heavenly Father wants for each of you as well, to make the weak things strong, and I know that it works. 

I love you all and am thankful for your prayers, letters, and support. Have a great week and know that the church is true  

Hermana Clegg 
My comp and me at the waterfall

My district

Our giant leaves!