Monday, January 5, 2015

We taught a circus... and ate a lamb

January 1, 2015
Well, the mission is nuts... so many times this week I have thought to myself ¨this is the mission¨ with a question mark that I don’t know how to make, haha... but its been great. 

There is a travelling circus on ice from Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, everywhere and we taught them! We’ve become pretty good friends with them, they are like a group of 8 girls, because we had Christmas Eve together and they are staying in the hotel we pension in! 

Anyhow, we’ve only taught them twice because they are pretty busy with shows... on ice in Peru.. yeah I don’t get it, haha... but it was CRAZY awesome to see how prepared they were for the gospel. One of them has two kids and says he asks questions that she just doesn’t have the answer to, like why we are here and stuff. We taught them the importance of the church and it made me want to share with you all that the church really does have all the answers, and also through prayer we can find all the answers! 

On Saturday we ate with some members at a big birthday party for her mom, and we started eating the meal... looked normal. Took the first bite and it tasted alright, and it was lamb so I expected it to be different... looked closer at the salad part and it had pieces of skin with hair on it, and later we found out the sauce was the blood of the lamb. So I moved from the salad and tried to eat the lamb meat, whoo.... don’t know what part it was, but It felt like I was chewing nasty gum... at the moment I realized what it is like to HAVE to eat something, and physically not be able to, haha... I started to pray, real hard, and managed to eat a little more of the salad, and half of one of the pieces of meat, but all my rice and potatoes.... I felt bad but I ate more than one of the elders so I felt all right.... so nasty. Probably wont be the last time with an experience like that, but definitely harder than I imagined it would be! 

On Monday we had intercambios with the Hermana leaders and I got to experience what its like to have a Latina companion... holy heck it was hard! I realized how grateful I was to be with a gringa and how much I need to work on my Spanish, but slowly by slowly its getting there, haha. Slowly. 

New Years was CRAZY here. The all burn ¨dolls¨¨ more like scarecrows to signify getting rid of the old you. Kind of creepy though, haha. We mostly contacted and helped the ward get ready for a party, even the members LOVE to party, and had to be in early. At midnight on new years and Christmas it sounded like we were being bombed. SO many fireworks. We went up to the roof to watch them and it was amazing. I love Jaen! 

We are slowly building up more investigators, but one thing I have seen this week, is that there really are no ends, only everlasting beginnings. We started to teach a couple who are older, sick, and its been an amazing experience to see the thirst they have for the gospel, and the hope it brings. They have their whole lives behind them, but through the atonement they can change and have so much more. Its never too late! 

Know as the New Year comes, it is only another beginning to leave behind the old and become more like our Savior Jesus Christ, because that really is why we are here. 

Love you all and wish you a happy new year!! 

Hermana Clegg
New years eve! People here are really ssuperstitiousand EVERYONE has yellow decorations, clothes, flowers, etc. for luck! So we put on some too on the roof! 

Bubbles on the roof!

A is typical shot of Jaen... mountain, jungle, city, hard to describe and this picture doesn't give justice for how pretty it is. So blessed!