Monday, January 12, 2015

The MIRACLES of a mission

January 12, 2015
Wow, this week has been great. Thank you all for your love and support, sorry for some of the Debbie Downer emails... but truth is the mission is not all sunshine and daisies, but it definitely is at times. The weeks, days and hours just get better and better for me. I LOVE this opportunity to serve in my life and really focus and realize what is most important. 

This week was awesome. Started off with buying a little blue backpack from this cute store called Glitter, and with that and the Spirit, everything worked out. Mas or menos haha. 

We are currently trying to teach an older coupled named Oscar and Requilda who are pretty old and pretty awesome. Every time we taught them the spirit has been so strong and I’m excited to keep going with them. One thing I have loved about the lessons with them is how interested they are in the Book of Mormon and personal revelation, what a great gift we have! Oscar recently had surgery on his knee, so they haven’t been able to attend church, but hopefully soon. 

Another couple we teach is Rosa and Johnson... they are SO perfect and have been taught for a long time, had a date to be baptized and married, but it fell through and we’ve been struggling to keep them progressing. Another thing I really love and have learned that really, if we gain a testimony of one thing, that God KEEPS his promises and we are blessed when we obey, everything else is CAKE. There is no question and everything works out. But first you have to try, and that seems to be the hard part. 

However, highlight of the week was this past Wednesday, started off with reading "The Miracle of a Mission" By Elder Holland. AMAZING talk and one that I really needed. There are a million things I learned, but one point I loved was when he said to start today, and love EVERY DAY of your mission. It’s not your job to succeed, its the Lords work, you just need to be an instrument. That really hit me because I’ve felt a little stressed with figuring it out, when really I don’t have to figure it out, only submit myself to the lord. 

On this same day a lot of things fell through, and we ended up seeing a piece of cake that looked SUPER good. So we went into the bakery and ate it. (Best Two Years moment.... inspiration hahaha indigestion!)  While we were in there the girl that worked there asked us question after question about the gospel, she lives in the jungle, so we can’t teach her, but it was awesome to see how the answers of the gospel helped her. While we were there a man came in and recognized us as Mormons and said I go to your church! Come teach my family! So of course we jumped on that and visited the family after. They were AWESOME. They sat and told us their problems of how their daughter is kind of off the edge in every way and they hardly know where she is, fed us a tortilla (eggs with vegetables... my favorite!) and we made and appointment to come back. 

Also on that day, my favorite investigator... probably a bad thing to say, but Deysi who is part of a part member family, and one of the only ones not baptized, READ HER BOOK OF MORMON. This really was a miracle, she is pretty sassy and not really keen to listen ever, but she read a ton and had so many questions, and wanted to know what she could do to repent. I have such a strong testimony that that book is the word of God and CHANGES LIVES! 

So pretty much through all of that, I learned that God keeps his promises, and that a mission really is one miracle after another. I wish I had time to tell all the miracles like that that happen. A lot of things don’t work out, but in following the spirit, what needs to does. 

Oh, and when we went back to teach that family, holy smokes. CRAZIEST LESSON YET. A straight up black lady that somehow was speaking Spanish but still just as black as anyone, when we walked in started to talk about how racist the Mormon church was and everything in front of our "golden" investigators! Then they told us that only 2 hours before they had come home from picking bananas to find their lock had been cut and that their daughter and stolen a ton of stuff and took off with her friends. It was SO sad... both the parents were crying and really struggling, I can’t even imagine. But the black lady (sorry I don’t remember her name) invited her brother who was a preacher for some church! haha right then I started praying pretty hard... Pretty much they all just gave advice, and I was really struggling to understand, but I felt that we needed to share Alma the Younger, and so my companion did, a long with some good advice and the spirit was so strong, it was really hard to see the tears fall down both of their faces though. I know that that wasn’t a coincidence, and although really scary and kind of awkward, the Lord helped us through the whole thing. 

In every lesson I teach, whether with the old less active ladies or new investigators, I realize that everything in my life has been preparing me for this time. I can help other people with the knowledge and experiences the Lord has given me, and really that is what it is all about. The little things matter. A LOT. Never forget the influence you have on others and how every decision determines our destiny,... and other peoples haha. 

Also had my first Zone meeting this week, which was awesome! I said I had two months and all the Elders went oooohhh.... haha. We also got to help out the Elders with a baptism, which was an awesome experience, and me and another Hermana sang a special musical number. The members and church are still the same in some ways, yet different in others. haha kind of wondering what is the line between a different country and apostasy 
Haha... and every morning on the roof across the street, a little chubby kid comes out and like practices karate and super hero stunts among the laundry. Usually only last about 2 minutes, but makes my study every day. This place is awesome. 

Honestly, I feel like I cannot express all I would want to about how well things are going here. I have really felt this week that all we need to do is Trust in the Lord and have faith. Nothing else even matters, it will all work out if we do that. 

Sure grateful for all of you, best of luck in your own adventures, and thanks for your love and support always! 

Hermana Clegg

                                                    Me and Hermana Bean... love her!

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