Monday, January 19, 2015

Cuy, Chopped Hair, Chacra...

                                                                    No more hair! 

January 19, 2015
Haha.... I caved. I can't. Its so hot and muggy and it didn't even matter... I chopped my hair off! Haha... like literally with my two sole scissors in the bathroom of our cuarto... but, I like it and I don't sweat to death anymore! 
This week has been awesome. Hard, but awesome. Not sure how it works, but the weeks just get better and better, even if it is harder and harder at the same time. 
Fun things, we got locked on a roof with a crazy man yelling about something,.. and I could not stop laughing... we called our investigator to come open the  that was fun! Also, for Carnival all of the boys throw water balloons at girls and vice versa for like a month. So we've had a total of 3 balloons pelt us this week, but it feels so great! 
Also this week, we had the grand opportunity to eat CUY! Guinea pig... haha, after I got past the idea of all the pet ones we've had, It was really good.. definitely a fan! Our investigator that fed us has a farm, so she was really good at cooking it, so yummy! Also today we went to the Chacra (small fruit or other farm) and it was such a blast. We skipped rocks in a river and just chilled... love the Peruvian life style. They just sit, talk, stare.. not really sure, but it sure makes teaching lessons and contacts easier haha. 
A few people we are teaching are really looking good. We have a less active grandma who has a granddaughter that lives with her that we are teaching, and I'm really excited about the grandma, Gladys, and granddaughter, Paola, are super nice and we've had some awesome lessons and a date to baptize her Paola. Haha but every time we go she is ALWAYS having a party or friends.. kind of reminds me of someone I know  But It has been cool to share my testimony and the gospel with her and they loved church yesterday.... so we'll see. 
Also Hermana Deysi is doing well and we met with her and her husband to talk about baptism and marriage. I really hope her "husband" and her get married because Deysi has seriously made a 180 since I met her, and wants to change her life so much. 
Our family Espinosa, the one from the cake with the runaway daughter is doing well tambien. The hardest thing is helping people realize that without action, nothing can happen. We can't only believe in God, we have to do stuff.. like read and come to church. But they seriously feed us spinach eggs/tortillas every time, so they are my favorite haha...
We had to TRACT a couple times this week because so many people are on vacations and citas fall through, all I can say is I'm glad I'm not serving in a mission where that is the majority of the day... hard stuff. 
I really learned that it is our faith and attitude that make all of the difference. On the harder days, I just remember whose work it is and it makes it easier. That, and frozen chocolate milk (chicola) helps the days work out. All we need is faith that leads us to action. Action to do the little things, try to better ourselves, etc. 
I sure am grateful for the atonement and opportunity to become better, because holy cow I have a long ways to go as a missionary, and some days just feel like I'm not doing a very good job here, but then I remember it doesn't matter, because all the Savior asks is immediate progression and for us to try, not immediate perfection. 

Love you all and hope you have a great week! 
Hermana Clegg

 World war Z hospital.. all the workers are always drunk and follow after us like zombies... sketch haha.

Cuy! haha... so weird.