Monday, February 2, 2015

Another transfer in Jaen

                               Soaked after running through the flooded streets

January 26, 2015
Hey everyone! So another transfer in Jaen with Hermana Bean! Super stoked… our entire district except two elders left though.. and none of them had 4 transfers, so hopefully it was just inspiration, really strange though!
Haha highlights of the week were when we were talking to two little girls and one asks me, ¨What language are you speaking?¨ Safe to say I still am working on the Spanish.. Also we taught some Jehovahs witnesses, that was exciting and it made me crazy to just sit there and not argue, but we just bore very strong testimony and left… Also, we have officially entered the rainy season, it rains every night/morning and we still run in it. But one morning we went running and the streets were pretty much flooded, so we just ran through wáter half way up our shins and splashed each other the whole time… SO SOAKED. But such a blast. Definitely a mature missionary thing to do haha. It still gets hot later in the day and one of our members said all the animals die because of the cold and hot weather, and there are TONS of bugs, but I've gotten pretty good at not scratching the bites. So kind of like the plague, but makes it fun to run!
Oh man, we've been trying to strengthen the Ward by having FHE with members and investigators, or just members. And because every FHE has an activity, we play "don't eat pete" every time, and wow. You would have thought it was an x box! We played one night and like 15 people were crowded around the window, and another 10 in the room playing, SO FUNNY. Guess you kind of take for granted the fun things, but now the kids always ask ¨¨Are we going to play No Comas a Pedro?¨
Our Ward is super great though! One Little girl asked “When can I come knock doors with you?” and have been giving us references a lot. Food is really the entry to people haha, and showing we love them. But its been going better since we've had the ward's help. Missionary work really is through the members.
Our investigators are doing alright. We are right on the verge of dropping like 3 because we just haven't seen ANY progression in about 3 weeks. Its hard though because I feel like through the spirit we found and taught them… so why are we supposed to drop them? Our couple Rosa and Johnson have everything to be baptized except attending church. And besides give them chocolate bars every day, testify and encourage them, I’m not quite sure what else we can do.
Also Hermana Paola (the sixteen year old) we found out can't get baptized for 3 months because her grandma is less active, and President wants to make sure she is converted and her family también. So that date fell which was kind of sad. But on Sunday, apparently there was a MASSIVE RAINSTORM the night before because the city looked awful. So much dirt and debree everywhere. Paola's house had flooded so they couldn't come to church, but we got some members to come help them out after which was really good, I love service!
One thing I've really realized this week is how incredibly easy my life has been. I have encountered a lot of problems that are just HARD. And I honestly don't know what I can do to help. For instance, we gave candy to this crying girl, and her and her little brother were crying because their dad abuses them, and they had some injuries to prove it. Another hermana is trying to figure out what to do because she found out her daughter is not her husbands, and now her husband is leaving her. People come up to us and tell us they are sick and going to die, Gladys tells us she has no food to feed themselves. I just pray to know what to say and how to help, and usually all we can do is bear testimony of Gods love for us, say a prayer and pray and fast for them. The blessings of the góspel are so real its crazy. Never take it for granted.
My favorite part of the week was when we taught a lady named Lucero who is a single mom and super nice. One of our last lessons she asked, “What more does God have for me? I have a house, family, work, what more is there?” It was awesome to feel the spirit and testify of the eternal blessings and happiness of the góspel. She prayed and asked that question to God, and the spirit was so strong. She then said, “It was like words straight from my heart, burning.” We explained that was an answer and that really there is more that God has for her.
All in all, life is good here in Peru. I’m excited for another transfer and to finish my training. I feel a little bit like the kid throwing starfishes into the ocean on a beach that is covered in them. It seems like he is not making a difference, and that is what everyone else thinks too, but when someone tells him it doesn't matter, he throws in another starfish and says “it mattered for that one.” So true, just hard to remember sometimes when results don't really show.
Thanks for all of your love and support, I hope you all have a great week and remember more than anything that God is our loving Heavenly Father, and really the opportunity to talk to him is a miracle it itself.

Hermana Clegg 

Don't Eat Pete haha... happening stuff