Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hillbilly from Jaen

                                            Breakfast in the nicest place in the world

February 23, 2015
Hola fam! Holy smokes this week has been like none other on my mission. This week I got bit by a dog (didn't break the skin though, just scared me!) ate 9 pieces of pizza (I totally cried when I ate the first piece... so good!) saw a full length mirror, caught a lizard, stuck my finger in a fan (luckily it just cut my nail... one of those dumb stories haha) officially became a blonde on my Peru ID... Very abnormal, haha. 
I had to travel to Lima this week to get my DNI (ID) for Peru so I don't get kicked out. And since I'm in Jaen, it was 3 and a half days of traveling, so not a lot of teaching and normal things that happened. 
But wow, I realized that I have turned into quite the hillbilly out here in Jaen, and that truly it is different than a good amount of Peru. I felt carpet, saw real houses, Air conditioning, ate yummy food, slept in a normal bed, had a HOT SHOWER. Ate Mcdonalds and pizza (so good). Oh man, it was honestly crazy and I was kind of freaking out the whole time, it was so weird for me! We stayed in Chiclayo for two nights with Hermana Thruston and her comp and it was such a nice area right next to the offices! Then my trip to Lima was even more culture shock, I have changed so much! I realized all people don't eat with their hands and that it can get cold at night haha. 
Best part was, at the end of the trip all I wanted to do was go back to Jaen and sweat and be in cement houses, etc. I realized how nice the people of Jaen are, and really, the carpet, hot water, etc. is just kind of fluff. The only thing that we really need is the gospel and those we love, the rest just isn't important. 
But I got to see Hermana Thruston, Elder Romrell and Mecham who were in my CCM District so it was a BLAST! We just laughed and talked on the planes and airports, etc. I honestly loved it so much, laughed so hard I cried several times. 
Also I had an intercambio this week and learned SO MUCH. We were so productive and I have never worked so hard nor felt so great! I had to lead the area so that was kind of nerve racking, but turned out alright. It was awesome! I’m stoked to work just as hard the rest of the week. 
So not a lot of lessons, etc, but if anything I truly realized how important the gospel is. It truly is everything in our lives and all that matters. I also learned that being obedient is truly the most important thing we can do. I realized that if we put EVERYTHING in the hands of the Lord, and do all we possibly can to do His will, he blesses us every time. Even in the little things I have seen miracles in my studies, people we teach, and the way I see the world by having the opportunity to give all I have to Him. 
Hope you all have a great week! I sure appreciate you all and can't express how happy I am to be serving here in Peru. 
Hermana Clegg 
"Spot It" with Gladys for FHE

Our lizard Pepino...almost got away

Cute little boy that read stories with me on the bus. Taught me all the animals here

Nicest hotel ever!


So excited for the package!

Culture shock in the city

Breathtaking views

Played "Spot It" with my district