Monday, March 2, 2015

For thy good...

March 2, 2015

Haha well, this week has been a good one, and one where honestly I didn't love all of it, but really learned to take to heart the scripture in D&C that all the things we go through will give us experience and be fore our good!

Random things this week.... There was a rainstorm that flooded our street and we got to tract around in like a foot of water for a while which was fun! 

Walked into a tree branch while talking to Hermana Bean and got a big old scratch on my face, haha. 

Almost got hit by a moto because I dropped all of the laminas... like La familia pictures, but the moto stopped and all the men in it wanted the pictures I dropped, so I gave them some and the driver said, thank you! These people are demons and need Jesus.... hahaha. No problem dude! 

Also, in ward council yesterday I wanted to make a comment about references and then asked the bishop and he said, "no"... haha... okay! I didn’t want to say anything anyways... but turns out he just misunderstood and by the end I was laughing and in almost tears... but hey, spoke up in Spanish for the first time and now it’s memorable. 

We have a few new investigators that are doing well, one named Katarina who is 18 and super down to earth and awesome, hopefully we can help her progress! Also found a new family and the whole lesson I was literally just so excited and happy to teach them. They asked all the right questions and said they felt the spirit "like my whole body was burning" the dad said... AH. For that reason I honestly love being a missionary, helping them feel the spirit and realize the plan that Heavenly Father has for them is an experience like none other. Besides that we kind of dropped all of our other investigators because they can’t get married and we can’t help them anymore. 

But the reason I say that this week was for my good was because there were a lot of lessons or discussions with my companion in which I was led by the spirit and could pull from some hard experiences or lessons that I have learned to help them. And realized that yeah, everything we go through is for our good and to give us experience to help us in our life or to help others. Also there were a couple lonelier days this week and hard nights, when I really learned a lot of lessons and to trust in my Heavenly Father more, and now, yeah! I’m glad they happened and what I have learned. 

Also, I was teaching about Joseph Smith and realized truly that my testimony has grown, and that I know all of these truths so much deeper than I ever thought I could! So GRATEFUL to the Lord for the opportunity to be here and "gain experience" 

Always remember how much Heavenly Father loves you! 
Hermana Clegg 

Crying and trying to eat cows utter... wouldn’t’ recommend it. But when people give it to you for free.... 

Soo pretty... at least I think so! 

Flooded street of Jaen... crazy fun haha 

Margarita with testicles haha... reminds me of branding calves 

Pentista cutting up  lamb... normal 

View over all of Jaen.... paradise! 

Exploring Jaen today... had that moment in this calle... Wow! I'm in South America!

Chicken feet!