Monday, March 9, 2015

First day of School!!

Hermana Juanita (less active) and fam! cutest baby ever haha. 

March 9, 2015

Haha I feel like Nemo getting ready for the first day of school! All the kids went back to school today, so summer is officially over. And, Hna Bean left today so it'll be a new start with a new comp which I'm excited for! Also, we are splitting the area, so it looks like this new cambio will have a lot of new and exciting changes! I don't get my new comp till tuesday night because I'm in Jaen (so far out), but I'm stoked and at least I'm not training haha.... 

This week has been great. Lots of amazing days with miracles as well as hard days.

 A few funny things... we had a couple members in a lesson with us, and one of them took out his smiley face key chain said "this is you" hahahaha... at least I've got one thing down and can smile. 

Also, it is really bad to drink cold things when you are sick according to the people of Peru, and an Elder in our district had a cold and we were eating lunch together, and the pentisita was going off of how he was crazy for drinking cold juice and sleeping with the fan on, and we were all like "serious elder? why would you do that?" when really we all were thinking, duh! it's stinking hot! and I said "some people just don't understand Hermana" and she laughed for like 5 minutes.. so I'll mark that as the first joke I have ever said in spanish. 

Also, I had probably the best lesson I have had yet. I just felt prompted to knock on a door that we knocked on the night before, and out came a 22 year old girl and we asked if we could teach her and she accepted, so we taught her in the moto in front of her house, and the spirit was so strong. She shared with us that she really was looking for something else and had a lot of questions that we could answer. We invited her to be baptized and she accepted, so hopefully we can help her take that step soon! I just felt so blessed to have the opportunity to be an instrument for the Lord and able to work through the Spirit and find her. 

Also, we SAVED HERMANA GLADYS! Our grandma friend haha.... it has been awesome to see the change in her though as she has come back to church, attended activities and started to read the BOM. The gospel changes lives, I can sure testify of that. Even though she is lonely and has hard things in her life, she is happier and has a light like never before. 

Besides that we have just been trying to find more people to teach as well as save (help come back to church) some more families. It has been fun to talk to lots of people and testify every day about the truthfulness of the gospel. That is definitely one of my favorite parts, testifying! Because I can feel the spirit so strong and see in their faces and feel in my heart that it is true. 

Also, one thing I LOVED that I studied this week was about Joseph Smith. In "our search for happiness" it talks about how he was looking for assurance from the Lord, and felt like he was not doing a very good job as someone chosen of the Lord. So he prayed to find out where he stood before the Lord, and in turn Moroni showed up and put him to work. I really loved that, that sometimes we are looking for the Lord to pat us on the back, when really he just needs us to go to work and do more. But in those moments when we search for assurance, we are humble enough to heed His counsel. At times I feel inadequate as a missionary, but know that if I just humble myself and go to work he will bless me. And I can't even describe the joy when we really do what the Lord wants and are able to help his children here on earth. 

Love you all! 

Hermana Clegg

The night club haha.... friday nights in the mission. haha nah we we're just waiting for a member to meet us! 

It was on our bucket list to take a picture by "the blue wall" So here is my picture with the blue wall haha