Saturday, March 28, 2015

La Luna Cayo!! (The moon fell)

March 23, 2015

Well, really the only reason for that title is because it was the most exciting thing that happened this week! On our way back from church we were walking and I looked to the right as we were passing the Adventista church and saw quite the sight! A ton of glass everywhere and three men surrounding one man with blood dripping from his arm EVERYWHERE. Definitely took my brain a second not to freak out, and then I asked what I could do to help, helped the guy get in a taxi and help the other guy wrap a bandage on his arm... turns out that block class of first aid at BYU actually did something! But we live right around the corner from there so we grabbed our brooms and stuff and helped clean up all of the glass and blood. Turns out the sign that is in front of the church is a glass half moon that says the name and stuff, and they were moving it or something and it fell... but all I could understand was "La luna cayo!" So that was a fun service project and we got to know the pastor and others and talk about the church a little bit. 

The rest of the week... yeah. So I still don’t really know what we are doing, and we are just searching for more people to teach and help. So most of this week involved knocking doors, contacting and walking and walking in the RAIN. Everyday all day, its been awesome.

Funny things... lady in the street said "sorry I don’t speak English." "Oh that’s okay, I’m actually speaking in Spanish"... perks of having a Latina. 
Girl at the piano with me in sacrament meeting "Don’t worry, I’ll help you. In Spanish hello is hola!" Thank you kind little girl.... 
I’ve definitely been humbled in my Spanish this week! 
However we are teaching a few people that are really awesome and have definitely seen some miracles. One of which, we went to follow up on a contact from the street, walking up to her cuarto and no joke it looks like Charlie’s house from the new Willie Wonka. Very humble. But there lives the cutest family, Rosemary who is 20 and her two siblings who are 12 and 9 and their mom. But when her mom turned around from the stove I just about died! She was "the lady" that me and hna bean had been looking for. Everyday for just about all of Jaen we see this lady and have contacted her and talked to her like 5 times, but can never find where she lives! And there she was. Anyhow, the whole time I was teaching them and every time we go back I can just feel it. Maybe not right now, but they are prepared for the gospel. They have been praying and are doing really well, so hopefully things work out! 

Also the family Malca Ramos we dropped for a while, but recently picked them back up and at our last lesson. The dad READ THE BOM. And this is huge because every time we go there he just asks why we need more than the bible, and has a ton of doubts. But the last time his whole countenance was different. He asked real, sincere questions, was excited to learn and it really was a different experience. I know that is because of the power of the BOM and the truth that people find in it. It changes lives more than anything! 

Also we are teaching a couple Elaudio and Itay who are a menos activo and investigator and its been going really well. More than anything I love seeing the little changes in people as they use the atonement, come back to church, and learn of the truth of the gospel. 

Besides that pretty normal week... lots of "que?" every five seconds as I’m learning to understand my companion.... but we laugh a lot and its been an adventure more than anything. 

One thing I learned this week in my studies is in Matt 8:26 about the disciples being afraid during the storm. And I thought about it, they had the Son of God in their boat! How could they think that they were going to sink? But then I think of my life as a missionary and the work, I have the Lord on my side, yet I’m stressed and scared that things aren’t working out... kind of ridiculous! So I’ve been trying to have more faith that things will work out and it’s the work of the Lord. 

Love it so much, the good, the bad, and the crazy! Thanks for all of your support, I wish I could talk to each of you individually, but know that you are great! 
Also I lost my cord so I cant send pictures... next week! Sorry

Hermana Clegg