Monday, April 20, 2015

The language of love.... more rice!


April 20, 2015

Oh man.... I never thought this day would come, but here I am getting ready to get on the bus and leave Jaen! First cambio I’ve heard is always the hardest, and I believe it. I’ve truly learned to love Peru, the mission, the work, the Spirit, the experiences and the people here in Jaen, its been hard to say goodbye. These people are so loving and it was so sweet to have the chance to get to know them, learn to understand what in the heck they are saying, and learn from their examples. 

Yesterday we said goodbye to the families and people we helped come back to church and other members that helped us a lot, and everyone fed us SO MUCH. My companion ended up throwing up, but somehow I stomached it. So nice. 

One that made me laugh is Hermana Emilia and her crazy ways fed us a giant plate of rice, then we talked and she started to cry and poured another huge spoonful of rice and said "because you won’t be here and I want the best for you!" I know that the rice may not help me the rest of my life, but the love and strong spirits of the people here has helped me so much. 

This week was pretty normal, ate a fish eyeball... that was gross. We saved the family Walter and Yovanna who we have been working with for a while... I’ll put a pic. But seeing the change in these people will always be my favorite part, the power of the atonement is night and day. 

Also a recent convert couple Karina and Diominis work in a dance costume store and she asked us to help her one day, and we ended up being models for all of the costumes! That was super fun... felt like a Latina paper doll with all the ruffles and fun colors... wish I could have taken some pics. 

I find out where I’m going tomorrow, so I’ll let you know! Thanks for all of your prayers and support, love you all lots. Keep up the great things in your life and never lose sight of the eternal plan that we have. 
Hermana Clegg
Walter and Yovanna

One last meal before transfers!
Juanita and fam

Last sun rise of Jaen... can't help think of lion king haha

noche de hogar with a less active family! Made spaghetti.... they didn't like it haha.