Monday, April 6, 2015

Semana Santa

March 30, 2015

Coming up on semana santa! Whatever that is haha... nah, the week where everybody celebrates Christ! Good thing we do that everyday, I’m stoked! Well, this week has been great! Not anything too exciting, but missionary work none the less and things are going well! 

Funniest part of this week is still everyday when we attempt to talk and have misunderstandings... it reminds me of my family and our selective hearing "sweetart balls" "what retard balls?" Except in Spanish. Everyday. So I laugh A LOT and sometimes cry too because Hermana Ortiz is SO FLIPPIN HILARIOUS. 
My favorite quote was. "Piense un poquito" (Think a little!") during one of our discussions. 

Things are going well with the few investigators we have. The Family Ochoa is my favorite and every time we are there we have to find creative ways to keep the kids entertained, but man I love teaching them. You can just feel it. 

Also, it has been raining TONS here, which is great except the fact that there isn’t passage to Chiclayo because the river is above the bridge... so there isn’t a lot of imported food here so it looks like well live off of more rice haha and kind of a weird feeling to know you are stuck in one place, but it will all pass... kind of fun. 

Also the womens conference was awesome and all of us gringa missionaries got to watch it in English. Best. Night. Ever. Stoked for conference this weekend in English again, I LOVE IT! 

This week we did a lot of service, one night we went to do a noche de hogar but ended up working a printing press and cutting papers with super old machinery, so that was amazing! Also we helped with a parreada... not sure how to spell it. Kind of like a fundraiser where you make lots of food and sell it, with our family that we are trying to reactivate. 

Besides that not much else is new. Spanish is getting better, still hot, and still loving the people and experience of Peru. 

One thing I learned this week is in Matt. 14 when the disciples bring their fish and bread and say that it is all they have and all the Lord says is "bring ye to me".
Doesn’t matter how much we have to offer, He just wants it all. Even if I still can’t speak and understand very well, or feel inadequate He just wants us to serve Him and will ALWAYS make the difference.  Stinkin love the New Testament. 

Anyways, hope you all have a great week, enjoy conference and Easter! 

 Hermana Clegg