Monday, April 27, 2015

REQUE.... nuff said

New comp! Hermana Zamora. I feel like a giant.... always. So cute!

April 27, 2015

Haha in response to all of the ‘where are yous’ from the fam, I’m in Reque (Chiclayo)! It’s a town about 25 minutes out from the center of Chiclayo and super cute. Well, still pretty Peruvian and ghetto, but I LOVE it.

I AM FREEZING TO DEATH. It’s so cold at night, and I’m starting to find more of how hot it was in Jaen haha.... definitely broke out every cardigan and sweats that I own this week. My new companion is Hermana Zamora, from Ecuador and she is awesome.... I decided that I’m with another Latina because the Lord wants me to learn Spanish or patience... not sure which one will come first haha... 

But we have had an awesome week. We have pensions with a FAMILY which I was super excited about, and she asked me what I wanted to eat and I just about cried I was so happy... she is amazing. Our apt is huge, we have warm showers, people have couches in their house... pretty much feeling like I’m living a life a luxury here. I can’t believe how much I miss the humility of Jaen though... when everyone has a dress to wear to church and wears makeup I just feel kind of out of place, but the members are awesome so far, so I’m stoked. 

ALSO, my district is the best thing ever. I honestly think that the Lord just decided to pour down some blessings and answer some prayers. My district leader is Elder Lewis... a good friend from my freshman ward haha! So fun to talk with him and I’m stoked to serve with him. Also, another Elder from my CCM district, Elder Romrell is in my district, so I’m stoked to have friends again, haha. My companion is super sweet, and I’ve learned so much from her already. 

Fun things from this week... ate a doughnut, that was the highlight. 
There was an earthquake... tremor on Sunday and the relief society president said "it’s okay, the church is safe!" Haha....if it would have lasted longer I’d have been out of there haha... super cute. 

Pretty much I’ve felt that the promises of the Lord are sure. He always answers prayers and takes care of his children when we do our best. Great week, Still getting to know the area and people, but really excited to be here. 

I had my testimony strengthened this week about contacting. It was late and we were contacting in the park and almost walked past a family, contacted them, found out the mom was active up until her early adult years, and we shared the articles of faith with her and her family. And her little boy saw the picture and pointed to Jesus and she said it was because he used to have that picture hanging in his room. Then we started to share the familia with them and when she saw the picture of the Lima temple tears came to her eyes as she remembered doing baptisms as a teen.

I loved seeing the joy that she had when she remembered the love her Heavenly Father had for her. Sometimes we just forget, but the truth is His love is ALWAYS there for us. Hope you all know that.

Thanks for your support and love. Have a great week!

Hermana Clegg
Reunion at camios with the CCM Hermanas!

Church in the central park.... so pretty!