Friday, May 22, 2015

Thank San Martin....

Reunited with my mommy... trainer haha...Hermana Bean
May 18, 2015
Well, this week has been great! Celebrations of some saints, and the one from Reque is named San Martin... so there has been loads of parties this week! Super fun... not a lot of sleep in the night thought haha... but lots of people to share the gospel with! 

The highlight of this week was the multi zona with President Williams and his wife. So spiritually uplifting and also motivating, I love being a missionary. I also go to see lots of friends, old companions and more. And we ate McDonalds... that may have been my favorite part haha. 

Also this week I had an intercambio with Hermana Cruz and I directed the area... I only got lost once so I called it a success haha. But it was SO nice to talk in English for a day. She is from Huntington Beach so we talked California for forever... she is so awesome. 

Besides that it was a pretty normal week of sharing the gospel and testifying. Love it so much. 
One lesson in particular was a lady in the street knitting with her friend, so we sat down and she started pouring out her life or problems, and one thing that I have really gained a testimony of this week was the power of obedience, that it really is a promise of blessings. We shared some scriptures and then she turned to her friend and said "do you keep the commandments? I know I don’t... maybe that is our problem" hahaha.... so funny but so true. 

In Alma 48:16 it talks about Moroni glorifying in the promise, and even though at times it seems like the blessings aren’t coming and the Lord is just trying our patience, they ALWAYS come. Definitely something to rejoice about... one more reason everyone wants to marry Moroni, haha. 

I told my pensionista that I wanted to try arroz con leche... rice pudding and she made it 3 times this week haha... SO YUMMY. 

Also we were trying to get references from members and she told us to visit her neighbor who was sick... so we did even though the sign on the door said "we are catholic... go away”... haha well kind of. But it was such a humbling experience to talk of the plan of salvation and power of the priesthood with them. That really Christ has suffered our sickness in this life. We had to help her throw up in the middle of the lesson, but her husband and son were super willing to let us come back. Crazy how the Lord prepares people! 

Kind of crazy all the miracles I get to see and be part of cada dia. One thing I know is that the promises of the Lord are sure. Hope you all can feel of His love and have a great week!

Hermana Clegg
Hermanas... woot! multizona 

California adventure... almost like the real thing haha.... love it.