Monday, May 4, 2015

6 months down....

Got mcflurries from Tottus

May 4, 2015
WOOT! Hit my 6 months today, in some ways it doesn’t feel real, and in others it has literally been an eternity. But, still loving the mish and grateful for the chance to serve. 
This week was great... some highlights... 

Got peed on by a dog in a lesson.... so nasty, and it was my favorite pair of shoes. 
Got electrocuted by my shower and it blew out the thingy... reminded me of the Micheal Vey books.... ouch. I cried. 

TAYLOR SWIFT made it to Peru.... Blank Space came on in the calle and I just about died, especially knowing I am the only one who understands here... haha kind of regretting memorizing her album before I left.

Ate a bowl of cocoa puffs with REAL MILK and crepes... LOVE MY PENSTIONISTA. 
But things are going great here. We walk more than I ever have in my mission, and I’ve seen more poverty and also more people with money than I have before in my mission. We teach in a part called Nuevo Reque and its SUPER humble... kids going the bathroom in the street, dogs, no chairs, dirt, dirt and dirt. Love it and have been so humbled by being able to teach there. But we have found some great people to teach and are working on helping them progress.

Our ward is awesome and we had a noche misional which was super fun and lots of investigators came. I love the members here lots and realize how great it is to BE ABLE TO TALK WITH THEM. Definitely have felt the power of the gift of tongues to realize how much better I can speak and understand to help these people. But I’m stoked to work here. 
We have a lady named Juana who has attended forever but her spouse doesn’t want her to be baptized... working on that. But we visited her with the bishop and she just cried as she talked about her desire to follow Christ. Love it. 

We helped another hermana do visiting teaching and visited a couple of 96 and 94... so precious. They couldn’t hear much, but it was so sweet to see their dedication to the Lord.
Besides that this week was pretty normal, still pretty lost, but working harder than I ever have before... but its so rewarding. Knowing that this is the work of salvation and the opportunity to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord has blessed me so much. Stoked for another year of it. 

Love you all! 
Hermana Clegg
my penstionista cutting open the package

Opening my package with the son of my pensionsita haha... THANK YOU FAM.

 Ate all of the sugar and felt like crap, but I had to before the ants got to it...