Sunday, May 31, 2015

When you eat a banana at night

My comp rubbing in how giant I am haha 

May 25, 2015

Haha... just have to start off by saying that I LOVE PERU! This week has been so awesome and I’m so thankful for the chance to be here serving. 

I was pretty sick this week... and one night I asked my comp what we ate that was killing me... and she said, "Hermana Ivonne gave us a banana yesterday at night. Bananas are cold foods so that probably made you sick! Have you ever eaten a banana at night before?" laughing in my head I said "no... man that probably is what did it!" hahaha... starting to see how living here your whole life could be fun. 

Also my comp said I was sleep talking in Spanish and English... success on the language. 

This week has been pretty normal but still awesome. We have a family who are starting to progress and so great. They have six kids and are MARRIED. Definitely prepared haha... but kneeling and praying with them I just felt that they would be baptized. We’ll do our best to fulfill the prompting haha... 

There are a couple gringas that live here and our teaching English. One day we contacted them and it was SO HARD to share the gospel in English... she was super not interested and the whole time after I felt bad for the missionaries in the states haha... little harder. 

Taught a couple very blinded by the apostasy female priests this week which was exciting....

We have one investigator named Wendy that has been attending church for over 6 months, and knows its true, but we are struggling to get her to be baptized. I’ve never hated albedrio so much... ugh agency. But its true, in telling these menos activos and other people that really if they know its true they have to act... but remembering that the reason I’m here is just to invite.

Also the bishop asked us to visit an eight year old girl that was getting baptized on Sunday and we found out that no one had done anything for the baptism.. so that was a little stressful. I ended up speaking and doing a musical number, but it all turned out. 

All I know is I feel better than I ever have before as a missionary. Although we aren’t seeing much success.. I have really felt the joy of the gospel and the hope it brings. And that if it’s true, nothing else really matters. Hope you all have a great week and know how loved you are! 

Hermana Clegg 
Nuevo Reque... where our investigator Wendy lives... humbling.

Visit to the beach again today... wind pipes haha... paradise.