Monday, June 22, 2015

Adventure Week!

Our new apt is on the 3rd floor and so not Peruvian... I feel like I'm in Amercia... so spoiled!

June 22, 2015
If I was to say that this week was anything short of the greatest adventure ever I would be lying haha... It has been SO FUN and SO LONG. 

We played sports, visited all of Reque that we could and packed all monday, went to the office for the emergency transfers on Tuesday, I worked with Hermana Wood from the ccm all Tuesday while I was waiting for Hermana Zamora which was super fun. 
She showed up and the zone leaders took us to our... apartment. Oh my gosh. The lives of hermanas and elders in the mission is very different. Literally living with chickens, cats, rats, cockroaches all night long, not super big, and very Peruvian. President told us to find a new room before, so we didn't unpack and I honestly felt like we were camping all week, super fun. 

So I'm in the area called Imperio with Hermana Zamora, SO MUCH FUN. I love love love her. The ward we are in hasn't had hermanas for about 7 years, so everyone is pretty excited to have us. Our area is pretty ghetto, mostly all dirt, but I love it so much already, we are just very lost all the time haha. 

This week I have gained such a strong testimony and appreciation for the spirit. Everyday to find people, find an apartment, know where to go, etc, we pretty much depended completely on the spirit, and AMAZING things happened. We found a cuarto from just asking a lady on the street if she knew of one, and it turned out to be super nice and cheap and close to our pension, so not a coincidence. Everything has just worked out and it has been so fun to see the Lord work in our lives and help us open this area. 

The best part of the week was the dedication of the Trujillo temple yesterday!! These people have waited so long for this temple! Crazy part though was we were waiting in the first session with our convert Wendy from Reque, and the signal wasn't working, and at about 10 minutes after the broadcast had started I started to get frustrated, the chapel was packed and these faithful members deserved to see it be dedicated! I learned though that you can't just pray for the things you want, like the signal to work, but for the Lord's will. I felt prompted after that to play the piano while we waited and they were trying to get things to work. I ended up playing the piano for about 2 hours as they tried to get it to work and never quite succeeded. For who knows why it wasn't His will for it to work for that session, but the spirit I felt as I played and they sang was amazing. 

Thankful that we have the chance to use our feeble talents to do the work of the Lord, He will take all we have if we just offer it. 

Love you all for your love and support, I pray for you everyday and hope all is well. 
Hermana Clegg
Our old cuyarto haha...

We have a couch... so spoiled haha 

Our new apartment!

Cemetery with Hermana Corona