Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Apple... Apple. Apple

Peru... to a T

June 1, 2015

What the heck... miracles happen! 
So this week we are planning for a baptism for HERMANA WENDY! I honestly wasn’t sure we would ever see this day, but the Lord has softened her heart and she will be baptized this Friday! WOOT! 
The only part that kind of really stinks is my companion has cambios tomorrow... so she won’t be here for it.  Really wish I could have worked my whole mission with Hermana Zamora, but the lord knows what is best. 
This week we were studying lots of English because I was sick of Spanish... and I was explaining the vowels and realized there are 3 different A sounds... like apple... Apple. haha oh man, I laughed for 5 minutes by myself when I remembered Studio C "worst teacher ever" and realized I had made the same mistake... so good. 
Besides that the week was pretty great, teaching, testifying, learning and seeing the miracles of the mission. 
Truth is I can’t remember what we did this week and this will be kind of short. But, life is good. 
Went to the Plaza de Armas today for P day to buy some things we needed haha... 
Love you all! 

Hermana Clegg
The ward! What a great sight!

STAKE CONFERENCE! Super fun road trip with the ward! They are awesome! 

Menos activo family we are trying to help back! 

Plaza de Armas

Tres leches with my pension family! 

Zait.... the little boy of my pensionista haha

My cuarto!