Sunday, August 30, 2015

Goodbye Pomalca

August 24, 2015
Well..... that what the best 6 weeks of my life! To bad all good things must come to an end.... getting transferred again tomorrow to who knows where, and Hermana Nelson is leaving too, just leaving Hermana Monson behind! I have been so very blessed this transfer in every way. The ward, pensionista companions, etc etc etc.... what tender mercies the Lord has given me. BUT I’m excited for another change.... always better things ahead. 

This week was great, we knew it would probably be our last together so we tried to work hard and party hard. For lots of lessons to candlelight cereal and yogurt dinners... I think we just about did it all. So fun. 

We went to an historical site with our pension family on Monday where there were lots of ancient tombs of rich old people buried with llamas... so awesome. 

Also we had a great ndh with a lot of the ward and an investigator and played fruit basket... where you get up from your chairs and change and I have never seen Peruvians laugh so hard, it was great. 

Besides that it was a week of adventures.... one night we were walking and Hermana Nelson passed out.... so we had to work out some first aid skills and try and keep her conscious.... I will always be grateful for the gift of the spirit. We were able to get a moto everything figured out and she is fine, but it was a little scary. 

I think my favorite thing this week was learning more about accountability... everyone always commits to so many things here, and I’m just to the point where I struggle to believe them... because they all lie. But in thinking if my words really match my actions, I know I have lots to change. But one thing I love is that the Lord is always accountable, and will do exactly what he says and teaches, which is why we cant exercise our faith in him everyday. So grateful to have Him for my heavenly friend and learn through His spirit everyday. 

Who knows what is coming up on the next adventure, but I’m so excited to start again and have the opportunity to grow. 

Love you all so much..... SO EXCITED FOR ELDER BEDNAR THIS SATURDAY and will have to tell you all about it. Thanks for your prayers and love. 

Hermana CLegggggggg... 
SIPAN.... ancient artifacts... love Peru!

thanks for the muddy buddies... cried