Monday, October 5, 2015

It's the Climb!

GRINGO CONFERENCE. soooo good. All but one of us are from Utah haha

October 5, 2015
Yup... I’m quoting Miley Cyrus. But it is true! I have loved all of the hard things and good things and am realizing so much more that it is the climb that makes it worth it. 

This week was great. On pday I decided to make a dress out of a shirt and skirt I had because I was so desperate for something new. Turns out I lost a bit of my sewing ability and sewed the waist too small. I think before, I would have been frustrated, but I just thought, "what a fun experience it was to sew and relax a little". It is always about the experience and progression like we learned in conference. 

AND I pretty much know Elder Stevenson...bishop because he came to my stake and talked to each of us and we shook his hand, we were all excited for him! How cool.

haha... one of our investigator’s 19 year old son had his appendix burst, so when we went to visit her, there was Susanna and her grandma and great aunt. We tried to teach a lesson but they were SO FUNNY. Little old grandmas making crazy comments. I was crying they had me laughing so hard haha… 

The little things and miracles have stunned me this week. In trying to open my eyes to the Lord’s miracles, I realize they are everywhere. And BIG. The sky, the clouds, the people, the smiles, the principles. I loved it all. 

Also, we were serving the bishop’s wife and folding laundry and the bishop came home and bought us PIZZA. Best ward ever. 

If anything, I have felt the grace of the Lord and HIS STRENGTH this week. A lot of things here have seemed like insurmountable hurtles for me, but in just TRUSTING and giving up what I want, He has shown me the miracles and really truly CHANGED ME. I know that you can run faster than you have strength because it is not YOUR STRENGTH. You got to rely on Him. 

I’m so grateful to be here in this beautiful place... of garbage, disease stricken dogs, poverty, mountains of rice and loving people, LEARNING THE TEACHINGS OF JESUS. 

I realize me and the family proclamation have completed 20 years.... so old. I feel I cannot contain the joy that the lord has provided and given me in this time to learn of His love and bask in the JOY OF THE GOSPEL. 

Love you from Peru. 

Hermana clegg
We threw a surprise 75 birthday party for our convert Vilma and the relief society... so fun and worked out well! haha.... me and the Peruvians LOVE PARTIES!


Doughnuts from a member... love the center of the city. CIVILIZATION.

the zone

to see the Lord's hand....

the district

pizza from our bishop