Monday, October 26, 2015

In a Year!

October 26,2015
Well.... technically I don’t hit a year for a week... but one of my favorite lines from this week was we were knocking doors and a man said he was busy, so we asked when we could come back and he said "in a year". We laughed pretty hard..... Catholic Peruvians.... the nicest people haha... 

But few highlights.... 
Hermana Smith has a night light that projects the stars so we turned it on and just stared at them for a while, it’s the little things. 
The full moon.... gotta love that. 
It RAINED for the first time since I was in Jaen so that was awesome, we went and played basketball in it for exercise. Love it. 
Yeah that’s about it. 

This week was pretty chill, we had an intercambio and I got to go with Hermana Rasmussen! She is from California and is so awesome, I think one of my favorite parts of this calling is just LEARNING from so many great people. 

Speaking of which, we had a conference with Bolivia and Peru and Elder Anderson in a broadcast that kind of felt like a conference call. Him, Elder Uceda and Elder Soares all spoke, and I realized, I KNOW ALL OF THEM. I have either shaken their hand or been 10 feet away from them, so that was cool. He gave it all in Spanish and it was awesome. The gift of tongues is so real. So we had that on Sunday and I played A REAL PIANO which was amazing, so crazy how much I used to take for granted. 

Besides that, it was a little bit of a slow week. One of our only investigators Candy and Vanessa told us not to come back, they just wouldn’t ask or accept that the Catholic church may not have the authority and wouldn’t come to church, it was pretty sad to leave them, especially because we don’t have many investigators. 

But Hermana Nelly and Susanna are doing well! We went to teach them and their nephew and he was right up their with Korihor! He did not want anything to do with it and had so many questions and doubts. There were kids yelling and running through their restaurant, people making random comments, crazy questions, and I just sat there, end of a very long week and remembered the promise that you will not be confounded before men. I felt very confounded. I felt no one was listening and especially in that moment they weren’t listening. I questioned where was the power? But one thing I LOVED about the conference was Elder Anderson talking in Spanish, he seemed to have a split second in the beginning as he was starting out, said a word wrong and panic crossed his face, but then his expression resolved to confidence and he kept going and it turned out great. 

According to Elder Bednar.... not shrinking is the key. So I said a prayer and tried to muster the patience and courage I could. My voice was shaky as I asked "do you believe in Christ?" The room fell silent and the man looked at me and said "I think so". I then bore testimony that the only thing that will ever matter in this world is if we come unto him and come to know Him, live his teachings and accept this plan. The words and Spanish and conviction just flowed and by the time I finished, all of their expressions had changed. He then said, "Well, you have the ability to persuade, I’ll give you that!" I explained it wasn’t and never will be my ability, it’s just the truth and the spirit that comes with it. 

I loved that and all the power and spirit that comes with being a missionary, and that really through weak things like me, great things are brought to pass... even if it is a slow process. 

Love you all, but I’m really glad I’m here not there. Keep up the great week and remember to live what you know. 

Hermana Clegg

And... I can't get my pictures to work... but there was just one of us chalking our roof and the moon. Next week!