Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lemonade and sunsets on the beach

With Hermana Smith

October 19, 2015
It is the best. The very best. 

Highlights from this week! 
There is a SUPER good panaderia and we kind of go there frequently because the bread and desserts are so good... we are pretty good friends with the owner and this week he gave us some for free and we asked why we didn’t have to pay and he said " you’ll come back and buy a bag tomorrow" haha.... too good. 

We have been searching for more people to teach and found some right up on the top of the hill with the Cristo statue! There are about 3 little girls that LOVE us and follow us around. Hermana Smith gave them some lemonade and they went crazy! She is the best and just gave it all away and they were so excited. One of them just spilled it all over her dress. So cute. 

Also we found a lady named Marivel that lives a in a pretty poor spot, but you can see ALL of Chiclayo from her house. The sun was setting on the ocean in the distance, she accepted the message, the spirit was so strong, it was just the best. Hermana Smith said " Wow, I’m in like a really cool moment right now!" she is so cute. 

Also, Elder Uceda of the 70 came this week so we got to get together as a mission, which was awesome to see everyone. He was VERY POWERFUL and pretty much just called us to repentance, which was needed, but kind of cut to hear a few things. Always good to repent thought and become better. 

This week we had a cool experience. We contacted a lady and she let us in. We talked for a while, turns out her son had passed away at 23 from cancer and had been a member since he was 10 and was really active, although the rest of them never were. He had wanted to serve a mission, but his mom didn’t let him. But later she had a dream that he came to her and said he was serving a mission. We then read in Alma about the spirit world and the peace he was in and she just started to cry. She expressed how much joy she had to know he wasn’t suffering or in pain like he was here on earth. We explained more and she accepted to be baptized, but isn’t married so we didn’t put a date. It was so special to see the peace the gospel brings and the simple truths that these people need to hear.

The thing I have learned the most this week is how crazy involved the Lord is with our lives. One scripture I love is in Mosiah 8:19 that talks about how DOUBTLESS PREPARED the journey of his men were through the wilderness and finding the Jaredite record. It brought me lots of peace to know even if we can’t see the results... everything is DOUBTLESS PREPARED for us and happens for a reason. In the little understanding of my mission I have seen that SO much. Companions, people, experience, it all just builds upon each other until everyone is brought to the truth and lifted up together. The best. 

I love this country, the people, the struggles, the gospel, and my life. So entirely grateful for the mission and the life I have been given. 
Have a great one!
Hermana Clegg
Good to see my past companions!