Monday, November 30, 2015

Don't stop believin....

Correlation meeting haha..

November 30, 2015
Well, it was the best week ever. And the craziest. This is going to be long and a little all over, but here we go. 
So I’ve been sick..... pretty sick and got pretty tired of dealing with it, so Monday we finally went to the doctor. After waiting for 2 hours, we finally talked to him, he wasn’t very nice and just made me more stressed and worried..... So in the taxi home I just cried with Hermana Smith and kind of just wished I could be anywhere else in the world. 

Then Tuesday, because of all the health problems I have been having we have been in and out of the mission home, Hermana Williams came with us to teach that afternoon and it was AMAZING. She has such a strong testimony and helped our investigators so much. Speaking of which, Karina and Ivan. THEY ARE A MIRACLE. I literally can’t believe it. They read the Book of Mormon, they want to get baptized, they have two little girls that are ADORABLE and they have every single part of my heart, I never knew I could love another family so much. Anyhow, we told Hermana Williams and she said maybe her husband would want to come too! So we visited the that night and President comes cruising up this dirt hill in his pathfinder, walks in and says "I heard there was food here!" haha.... to this very humble home. It’s safe to say the lesson was AMAZING and the spirit was incredible. They committed again to be baptized one the 26th of December and you can just see, YOU CAN JUST SEE that they are elect and ready. In one part of the lesson their 9 month old baby was crying so president picks it up and says "grandpas can hold them". It was so sweet to see that kind of love that reminded me of my own family. Anyhow, they have made every second of this mission worth it. Everyday this week we have had members come help us and the ward is doing so much. It seems everything is just going amazing. His promises are sure! 

Then Thanksgiving! We wore our turkey hats from Hermana Smith’s family which was SO FUN. To every meal haha.... That night after a week of tests we went back to the doctor.... looks like I have more parasites haha. But, at least they figured it out. We were there the whole night so didn’t get dinner.... and kind of went to bed hungry on Thanksgiving... once in a lifetime. Hermana Smith is such a champ though. SO GRATEFUL for every part of her.

So it was a crazy one. I’m super excited for the Christmas season to start, being a missionary is for sure the best way to do it. Yesterday we sang for this thing in the stake to help the members work with the missionaries so we got to go to the center again. I think every day this week was out of the ordinary haha. 

But, thank you for your prayers. Thanks for your examples. If I have learned one thing this week, it is that the only thing He asks us to do is believe. This is a gospel of miracles, of comfort and of hope. I know we have a Savior that loves and cares for us every second of every day, supports us where there is nothing else and tells us to look closer when we can’t see the point. Just don’t stop believing. It all comes, always. 

Love you all lots....... here is a kind of poem... I’ll attach it just for fun. 

The high is worth the pain. 
Every day is the best part of the game. 
Spirit unspeakable, love uncontainable, 
stray dogs and brick kitchens have shown me
that the best things in life aren’t things
It’s a ray through a cloud checkered sky, 
a flame in the eyes for the first time
a blue book, a new tongue, a shining horizon
calloused knees and tear stained cheeks
moonlight hearts changed through a question
all leads me to believe, to know
He is the reason we open our mouths
He is the Christ, what it’s all about
How thankful I am to have met him here
in a world that has become my home. 
Now I can truly say "I know". 

Have a great one! 

Hermana Clegg

chicken in a biscuit.... heaven