Monday, January 4, 2016

Fun in the SUN

Hermana p day.... so far as a Hermana Leader we have done nothing but PARTY..... that's okay right? 

Hey! so.... I just wrote on Friday, but this week has been awesome! 
Pretty much all that is new is our dueƱo.... umm..... landlord? got a POOL! so we have been fawning over it and watching them all swim in it.... they are the richest Peruvians I have ever met haha... love them! 

And, I just love the gospel. I bore my testimony yesterday of the JOY that the gospel brings. That really there is nothing greater, nothing sweeter than recognizing and following the spirit, something I'm really trying to do more. 

And... in one of our lessons with the bishops aunt... we are literally teaching all of his family! the Lord prepares them...even in hard ways... anyways... one of their Peruvian dogs, so ugly, was playing by my feet and Hermana Wood was trying to get it to go away and I said "it’s fine!” and she said "don't look at what is in it's mouth!”.... it was a bloody chicken head haha.... 

But! It was an awesome lesson. 
Anyways.... pretty much I hope the year is going as well for you guys, I can say nothing but good about life right now. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY IN PERU. 

Enjoy the little things, see the wonder and feel the love in His spirit. 

Love you all!
Hermana Clegg
The landlord's pool!

Our room! 

my beautiful area....dead dogs....

christmas day... Meet the Mormons and pizza