Monday, January 25, 2016

MMM.... Misionary Meeting Mundial

Intercambios with Hermana Yucra! 
January 25, 2016
There is a religion here called MMM.... Movimiento Misionary Mundial.... and they are kind of intense.... BUT we had a super cool meeting with ALL THE MISSIONARIES IN THE WORLD from the apostles about repentance and baptism which was really fun and we learned a lot..... it was just with 5 of us gringos in our zone, but it was still fun haha... 

This week was good. We are seeing A TON of miracles and some awesome progress and changes in our investigators. 

We are teaching the bishop’s less active sister, Ursela, and his mom, and they live in a very Peruvian house... picture next week sorry, we always teach them outside their door on the street, and their DUCK tried to escape and was flying all over and pooped on my foot, so that was fun. 

Also, I had another intercambio with HERMANA YUCRA. Back to the companions..... it was actually really fun. It was cool to see the progress and changes we have made, she is killing it. 

We also visited these members in our ward and they were so cool, their name is the family Necio-sup. But the cool part is for punishment they made their kids read the Book of Mormon for like 2 hours and it helped them gain a testimony, and to log onto the computer they had to recite the 13 articles of faith and the books of the Bible and Book of Mormon.... definitely took notes for my future family haha.. 

But that is the thing I love about the saints here. They are SO FAITHFUL. A lot of them don’t understand a lot of the doctrine all of the way, but they know why they go to church and do their VERY BEST to live the gospel. I love them so much. 

Also.... not sure if I mentioned Liduvina, but she has a son who is serving in Chile and she isn’t a member! She knows a little bit about the church, but it has been awesome to teach her and the ward is helping us out lots. She truly has the desire to repent and change, and at church on Sunday was just BUBBLING HAPPY. The gospel changes us. 

Also bishop’s aunt emilia we are teaching read in the Book of Mormon and decided to get baptized! She is still working on being separated from her husband, but I just loved seeing her all dressed up, for 3 hours on Sunday with her blue book. These people are making such big changes in their lives. I forget how much the gospel changes mine everyday. Fun to watch. 

Overall, it was a fun one. Its hot, its sweaty, but I love this work so much. I have learned how nice the Lord is to let us help out a little bit in His garden. The way I see it is he has TONS of work to do, and we pick up a little spade and weed about 5 feet of ground and he blesses us and thanks us more than we deserve. It truly is the most rewarding work to share the gospel. I sure am happy to help. 

Have a great week and know I’m grateful for ya! 
Hermana Clegg
Hermana Wood with the dogs at Ursela's house....