Monday, January 11, 2016

Pizza pockets and Tacos

canchangas and shampoo... classic peruvian snack

Well... the most exciting thing here is always the food when its yummy! haha... not really, but, there was some good food this week! 

On Tuesday we had the Leadership meeting which was super fun! It’s like 5 hours long with all the zone leaders and sister leaders, it was so cool to learn from President and Hermana Williams of how we can help the missionaries and the mission better. They talked a lot about using the Book of Mormon, so we have been focusing on that and it has been really cool! I have felt how my personal testimony of how everything depends on that book has grown. I love the Book of Mormon! And that is where we ate pizza pockets. yum. 

We then taught bits and pieces of the meeting in our zone meeting, which was really fun! I feel like I have learned so much in this last week, its awesome. 

Besides that, it has just been really hot. I’m glad I’m not in Jaen again, but I’ve been trying to remember all of my tricks at staying cool. 

Also, it was Hermana Wood’s 22nd birthday on Saturday which was WAY FUN. We had tacos and tres leches at night, which was awesome. She is the best! 

One funny thing that happened is we were trying to talk to the people in different ways, so a lady walked by with flowers and I asked " how pretty, what are those flowers for?" and she said for the virgin maria..... haha.... hopefully we can teach her this week. 

The ward is doing awesome though! Lots of new members have been coming with us and I LOVE THEM. They are so cute and so fun. We are still seeing a lot of success with the bishop’s family... they are kind of our only investigators, but they are awesome! It’s cool how the Lord opens people’s hearts in different ways. They have all heard about the gospèl, but never had any interest until the passing of the bishop’s daughter. 

Overall, I’ve just felt very grateful. I feel that the Lord gives us so much, and sometimes here I get frustrated and wonder where the help is, then I pray and remember all the blessings he has given me and it changes literally everything. There is so much good and so many people all around to help and that help us. 

Hopefully you have a great week! 
Love you all! 

Hermana Clegg 
zone meeting

chilling in hermana jessicas house (convert) 

birthday party! 

it's a pretty place

oreos and MILK. YUM