Monday, January 18, 2016

When the Circus comes to town...

I love Hermana Wood!

I love the mission! I love it so much.... This week was AWESOME. So many random and cool things going on! 

First off, we started intercambios and I went back to Imperio with Hermana Tunquipa.... she is a recent convert and is from Lima, so cute! It was a little bit of mixed emotions to go back to an area that I didn’t really love, but it was cool! It’s like when you are afraid of something when you are little, then see it again and realize its not scary at all. As I was back in my old area, I realized how very miserable I was when I was there with some trials I went through, but realized in turn how happy the Lord has made me as he has changed me. 

We went to a lady named Carmen, and I walked in and saw here and was AMAZED she was still taking the lessons..... me and Hermana Zamora found her and taught her about the family, but I didn’t think much of it besides the fact that she was one of the only nice people we had taught. I sat down and found out she had read the Book of Mormon twice and was going to get baptized next Saturday! I just cried! I realized that whole metaphor of the field is true, sometimes you plant and sometimes you reap and sometimes it needs time to grow! So that was super cool. 

President also showed up to our district meeting which I was late for haha... he is such an amazing president. I learn so much from him and he just emulates the love of Christ. 

After that Hermana Esquivel came to our area and it was awesome! We are trying to use the Book of Mormon more, and it’s cool because I feel so much more like a missionary! Telling people about it in the streets, etc. 

Miracle... .
Hermana Wood before we left to do an intercambio said "there is a guy named Jorge another hermana visited once. I think you should go and give him a Book of Mormon..." So random. So she looked up his address, and at the end of the night we went over with a Book of Mormon. He came to the door with a cigarette in his hand and told me he had a religion and really didn’t have any interest. I said "that’s okay, I’m just here to give you a book" and talked about what the Book of Mormon was for about a minute and he said "come in." 

It was such a great lesson. The spirit just took over, we testified of how we knew it was true, how it could help him find the answers he was looking for and he started to cry! He said he was praying all night for answers and was mad at god for not giving him any direction.... he said he was confused and didn’t like the church he was attending and wanted to find the truth. So he said he would read what we left and pray about it. It was awesome. The Lord really prepares so many people and if we are humble enough to find the people that are really prepared, miracles happen. So cool! 

Also, we had interviews and got new cell phones and cookies from Hermana Williams. They are the best! 

And.... the CIRCUS came to our area! Right in our dirt field. And it is seriously from the 1930s or earlier... Peru is so cool! We asked them if we could go inside and it was so old and soo cool.... we walk by every night haha... 

And, remember Stalin and Gizelth? They are awesome but moved into the other ward, so other missionaries are visiting them, but we were walking and Stalin pulled over in his moto to talk to us and said that his wife didn’t like the other missionaries and wants us to come... dang. We explained why we couldn’t, but I miss them so much! While we were talking, about 30 policeman on motorcycles pulled up and asked for their IDs haha..... I had to explain that we knew them and we were friends and they let them go.... so funny. 

Pretty much, it’s just another awesome week in the ghetto of Peru. I love my life so much. I have definitely felt how TRUE and POWERFUL the Book of Mormon is this week, so if you aren’t reading it, START. It will change your life and answers and solves every question and problem. 

Love you all, thanks for all you do. Have a good one! 
Hermana Clegg
Intercambios with Hermana Tunquipa

Intercambio with Hermana Esquivel