Monday, February 29, 2016


Cooking on our own!

February 29, 2016
Well, Hermana Julia (awesome member) made me eat mashtca this week which is a dirt like meal of wheat that you eat with a little bit of sugar and it was DELICIOUS. And not much else happened this week haha... 

I picked up something and had a fever the beginning of the week, which was fun, but am feeling good now! 

We had an awesome district meeting in which we did Lehi’s dream with our companions and it was really fun and took on a whole other meaning for me! We really are the ones assigned to help people find and stay on the rod. Gave me the motivation I was needing! 

Also, My companion Hermana Palomino is awesome! She lived in Lima for 5 years and is SOOOOO SMART. One day she told me the whole history of Peru and the legends and now I know why all the street names have the name they do! Super fun. 

Also our pensionista went on vacation to Trujillo for a few days, so we cooked! SOO YUMMY. Oatmeal, grilled cheese, super fun. But I realized I also don’t really know how to cook, haha. 

BEST PART OF THE WEEK was my old pensionista Hermana Amelia came to visit me with her family at church! I cried... I love that family SOOO MUCH. And it was so good to see them. 

Also, we had a FHE with a convert who is now inactive and brought the whole consejo over and did a testimony meeting with her, it was so awesome. I was so strengthened to hear the testimonies of these humble members who have so little but give so much to the church. 

All in all, we are finding new people and seeing lots of little miracles. I am trying to finish the Book of Mormon in Spanish before I come home, and honestly, reading it in my spare time and for studies has been the greatest help and really "got me through" this week. There is POWER in that book and I love sharing that with all the people we teach. The examples to me helped me realize and feel once again how important this work is and the joy that comes from knowing Christ more, and helping others to know Him more. 

It is all true. 
Thanks for all of your love and support! Have a great Leap day! 

Hermana Clegg 

hermana amelia and fam

love her!