Monday, November 16, 2015

Week #54

November 16, 2015
Well, looks like for the first time in my mission I don't have a change! I'm staying with Hermana Smith in Remigio Silva! Super excited about that. 

This week has been great. Highlights - 
We had a lady in our ward make peruvain dresses for us, very in style here and I love it! Hermana Smith sang in church and I played and it was super fun to wear them. 

We were teaching Hermana Vilma who is old and doesn't get out much. I asked what time she got up that morning and she said " 10 AM, woke up like a millionaire" I laughed for a while about that..... I think she is the farthest thing from a millionaire, but that is why I love Peruvians. 

We made s'mores and looked at the stars in our new llama sweaters. I just LOVE Hermana Smith. 

Crazy things happened this week. 
We had been looking for Nelly's registro for a while because she said she was a member! The church finally found it, turns out they had recorded that she was we brought her back to life and back to church! She is coming every Sunday and is SO EXCITED to be a member again.  Strange miracles haha.... but Susanna, Kevin and Christian are all still progressing great! Because of the rules though they can't get baptized for a while. 

Also, we were finally able to start teaching Rebecca's (a recent converts) daughter and she wants to get baptized on the 19th of December! She is fifteen and has been attending forever, its been so fun to see her testimony grow this week. 

Also, we found an awesome family that said they had prayed that week to know what religion to join! They are awesome... just need to be married. 

But all in all, it seems the blessings are finally just pouring down on us. 
The thing I love the most about the mission, is the little trials of our faith everyday. I LOVE Nephi, because he said I will go and do not just once, but every single day. Sometimes it is hard to say that everyday, but I know that the blessings of the Lord are always sure. 

Love you all and hope you have a great week! 
Hermana Clegg