Monday, February 1, 2016



February 1, 2016
Well... It has been kind of a crazy week. It rained, so that was crazy because it never happens here, and it brought a lot of hot humid days and mosquitos in the night hahaha.... But, it’s been a good one! 

This week I got to go to PATAPO which is a small little town in the mountains of Pomalca, about a 40 min drive from where we live. I went to do an intercambio with Hermana Avila and it was awesome! They were planning a marriage that was happening the next day, so did a lot of running around and service to get all ready for it, but it was nice to get out of Chiclayo. 

The best thing we did this week was teach our pensionista how to make smoothies... so yummy! We just can’t eat them at night or else they will make us sick (cause its cold... Peruvian myth haha) 

Also we have been playing a lot of Book of Mormon baseball in the streets and we are actually getting pretty good at guessing where it’s at, love Hermana Wood, she is the best! 

We had a really cool lesson this week, we planned a noche de hogar (FHE) that was all about prayer, the family we had planned to teach it to wasn’t home, so we went to a converso who is also less active and talked to her and her friend Milagros. After we taught we invited her to pray, and she did for the first time ever and when she said amen just started to cry. She said how good it felt to finally talk to her heavenly father and that she really felt he was there. So thankful for the power of prayer and the simple communication tool we have to use everyday. 

Also, the sister of the bishop, Ursela is doing SO WELL. She is less active but has come to church these last few weeks and you can just SEE how the repentance process has made her feel better. Her and her little boy came to church with us, we were a little late though because he got some mud on his nice white shoes and we had to clean them off before he could keep walking haha... so cute. 

Also hermana Liduvina is getting her papers and everything ready to get married and baptized the end of this month! She is seriously the cutest lady. She is so excited for her son that is a missionary in Chile to find out that she too has come to know the truth he is sharing. I love the link of missionary work, so fun to help her out. 

Besides that the mission is great. We had a sister this week with some problems and that wanted to go home. We talked to her for a little bit and she is doing a lot better now, but it made me think of what a great opportunity it is to be here as a missionary. It’s hard, the days can be long, but how much the Lord has been able to change and teach me over these last few months. I sure love the mission and am grateful for the joy it brings everyday. 

Thanks for all of your love and support, hope you have a great week! 

Hermana Clegg 
Goat on the table... classic. 

Peruvian house