Monday, February 8, 2016

It's not about you

February 8, 2016
Well, it was awesome. Just a great week. The title is from the new youth album the church came out with, there is a song called it’s not about you from Elder Renlund’s talk that a I just love. It seems to put into a nutshell what I am just recently learning as a missionary. That none of this was ever about me, but is all about the people we serve. 

We were out of electricity and water almost all week, so we did a lot of showering with buckets and studying on the floor because of the heat. It was a fun camping week haha... 

We had our leadership meeting with president which was AWESOME. The best part was we got homemade cookies from Hermana Williams and hamburgers from chilis...... after 15 months of not eating bacon it was pretty dang good. 

After that meeting though, there is this girl named Angelica that I was in her ward in Jaen, then in Imperio, and now she is in my ward again! We keep following each other. Her mom is active but she married a non member and isn’t married, so we are working with her. Anyhow... she called to see if the elders could give her uncle a blessing, but I forgot about it and she called to tell me he had passed away. I started to feel bad and mad at myself for not trying harder, but then the spirit brought me a calm feeling that is was supposed to happen. She said we couldn’t come visit her, but gave us the street of her new apt. 

Later that day I felt like we should visit her, even though we didn’t know where she lived, so we just prayed, looked at the houses, knocked on one, then asked a guy if he knew Angelica and he said that she lived right there! So cool how the spirit guides. Anyways, we talked to her and tried to comfort her a little more and helped her out a little bit, and she felt a lot better. 

Also, Liduvina’s papers came so she is getting married on the 27th and baptized on the 5th of March!! WAHOO! On to wedding plans haha... 

The best part of the week though was fasting. We fasted that we could put a date with Rola and Lesli, a grandma and granddaughter that we are teaching, that are awesome, but won’t accept a date to get baptized. We fasted, then Sunday went to get them for church haha.... on the moto there there wasn’t room in the back so I sat on this sketchy seat on the front and held on to the top... that was fun. Anyways, we get to church and President’s car was there.... that’s always a good sign. 

But it was amazing. They loved church, all of the testimonies, classes, seemed just perfect for them! President and Hermana Williams even talked to them personally and sat down with them and testified more to them of the truth. SWEET. Anyways, we went to a cita later that day, asked how church was, asked if they had prayed about the Book of Mormon and they had and said they received their answer at church and knew it was true! I could barely get the baptismal invite out before they accepted. They are also getting baptized March 5th....  They are SO EXCITED! They asked what clothes they needed to wear... I said we would get all that figured out. 

It was probably one of my favorite moments I have ever had on the mission. It just touched my heart and strengthened my testimony of fasting and prayer, and the means that the Lord provides to help his children. 

I love this gospel and know it is true with all that I am. SO GRATEFUL for the chance to serve and get to know my Savior more. 

Love you all, thanks for all you do. 

Hermana Clegg 

Leadership meeting


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