Sunday, August 30, 2015

Thats what Faith can do

9 months haha

August 10, 2015
So... we are just studying like crazy about faith to prepare for Elder Bednar at the end of the month and it is amazing. Faith can do so much and is so essential to every part of salvation, I have loved studying it and learning more! 
This week was great, for my nine months my pension family made a sign and we had hamburgers and brownies.. pretty much the best day ever. 
Also I had intercambios this week and went to ViaReal which is the NICEST area in our mission right in the central and wow... I was pretty much in shock all day! Such pretty houses, well dressed people, pantries full of food, carpet... it was a little too much, I was glad to come back to our dirt street town. 
We also had a zone meeting and found out we have another multizona this Friday which I am excited about, we are all just SO PUMPED for Elder Bednar to come, it will change my life haha. 
This week we FINALLY saw some results. Sometimes there just seem so be a gap between the work and the rewards, but we found some great investigators, one lady named Gladys, was a reference of a less active whose son was baptized years ago, but she never was. We talked and as tears rolled down her face we were able to teach with the spirit and she just said, "Thanks for coming to visit me and help me today." I love those moments when we get a glimpse of the work we are doing. 
Also Melisa! We also found her through a reference, she has 5 kids and wants to get baptized... one of those miracle lessons, BUT she isn't married... like all of Peru. So we are starting to work with her. 
Funniest night was we went to visit less actives and this family has a daughter Valeria who was on "the kids voice" and is VERY TALENTED SINGER. She did a few songs for us, we shared a message with all of the people she was teaching to sing, then I sang a hymn... thought I might as well use some talents and it was REALLY fun. First time singing in forever, but I loved sharing and talking about the gospel with music. 
Also we are teaching a family Patricia who recently came back and I wrote about her husband Alberto last week who came back for the first time in forever. They are a miracle. This week we got to eat cake with them for a birthday but the spirit we feel and the POWER if have seen work in them through READING THE BOOK OF MORMON is amazing. I love the gospel. 
Besides that life is good, feeling better and LOVING BEING A MISSIONARY!
Have a great week!
Hermana Clegg
the zone

the party from the fam! pension