Sunday, August 30, 2015

Converted to the Lord

Hermana Margarita!! So fun to see her!

August 17, 2015
Well..... This mission thing is just SO CHUCK FULL OF ADVENTURES... I love it. 

Monday morning after running I tore my hamstring stretching.... not TOO much pain so I knew it wasn’t that bad, but enough to get me thinking and a little worried. 

We made cookies with our bishop, taught, then Tuesday and Wednesday I had to rest with my pensionista and her family who are on their Christmas vacation.... SO.... we played spot it and uno for two days straight... lots of fun and I was really missing walking around in the dirt haha... but really, it tried my patience a little bit. But they are an amazing family. 

Then we went to the doctor Wednesday night and she said it was just torn a little and all is good, but we had a multizona on Thursday so Hermana Williams is like, "you girls can just come stay with us" so we didn’t have to make the trip again. SO WE STAYED WITH PRESIDENT AND HIS WIFE. 

It was such a blessing. We ate salad and spaghetti and ice cream, I definitely cried to see all that. They are seriously such dedicated and loving servants of the Lord, it was such a blessing to be with them. 

The multizona was great, just prepping more for Elder Bednar and studying about faith. 

I finally got out working the last part of the week and it was awesome. Slowly but surely we are finding more people and helping the members to share the gospel. My favorite is still that family that we are helping come back to church, night and day. The power of the Book of Mormon is so strong, they have taught me so much about repentance and the choice to always start over.

We sang in church on Sunday with the relief society which was awesome, and got a surprise visit from my old pensionista from Jaen... love hermana margarita... definitely cried. 

All in all this week I have learned a lot about faith and accepting the Lords will. In doing the little things, even when it doesn’t quite seem to pay off, and always working your hardest and trusting in Him COMPLETELY, and little by little we become more converted to the Lord. 

Love you all, keep up the great work and thanks for all of your love and support. 

Hermana Clegg
spot it... in the tent with the fam....haha so excited to get back out and work! 

cereal with president.... so blessed

the fam taking care of me

sleeping in a mansion

ward council...