Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pioneers of Peru.. all is well

ndh with investigators on the roof

July 27, 2015
Well... this week was awesome! There is nothing quite like celebrating pioneer day in the middle of country town of Peru with 3 people from Utah... I LOVE THEM. 

We had quite the week... going back and forth from Doctors in Chiclayo and taking all sorts of tests to try and figure out what is wrong with my stomach... but lots of fun haha... 

But I am seriously loving every second of this cambio and learning lots.   From singing hymns in ENGLISH every night to running every morning, and testifying with these amazing hermanas I just feel so blessed!  

We have absolutely no one to teach right now… everyone is on vacation for the independencia de peru and so we are doing lots of knocking doors and visiting members...  and lots and lots of walking to remember the pioneers.     

But I have learned some great lessons this week and lots of patience...  as I have been studying about faith and miracles and how we should ASK for the things we need... it is kind of like a parent. Heavenly Father wants US to DO our homework and figure it out the best we can by asking him along the way. That way we learn and strengthen our faith. And some times you just got to KEEP WORKING. Even if it seems like nothing is happening, you just keep going. 

But in remembering the pioneers and all of the stories, i am amazed at their ability to work. That is something that makes them and the start of our church amazing... they all worked together. 

So just keep going... it'll work out, and we’ll be blessed. Always.

Also…Elder Bednar is coming to our mission in August.. this is the best life ever. Love you all. 

Hermana Clegg
fruit from the assistentes around 11 hahaha

                                                           pioneer day....

 making handcarts

                                       ice cream with the pension fam

                                  pday of mormon messages and popcorn haha