Sunday, August 30, 2015



August 3, 2015
Well... I have reached the half way mark of the mish. The top, and now its time to start the descent of the mountain, but it’ll probably be a climb still, but that is what makes it fun. 
This week was NUTS. 
It was independece day for Peru, nothing too exciting happened except the fact my water bottle got stolen, but it seems like more of a labor day for them down here. Everyone just stayed inside or traveled, and there wasn’t anything very exciting. 

Also for a noche misional I participated in a bag race and everyone was thinking it was the coolest thing ever, but it was pretty fun. 

Besides that it was pretty normal. Found out what was wrong with my stomach and feeling lots better! So that is always easier to work when you feel like you can do it haha.

Also I bought a magnifying glass because no one can see down here, and it has been so fun! I pulled it out in a ndh to read the hymns and we almost died laughing... super funny. 

One of the things I have noticed this week though is the POWER OF THE SPIRIT. I had a cool experience, one day in our district meeting a guy was filling up water at the church with the churches filter... not super honest, but its Peru. But as the meeting went on I felt I should talk to him, and I’ve learned a little more that you NEED to listen to the spirit, so I stood up in the middle of the meeting and the words just came, told him it wasn’t worth his integrity to use the churches resources for who knows what... 

I felt that really the Lord uses us to help his children, and that I didn’t really WANT to get mad at that guy, but he may have needed it. Who knows. 

Also we had a less active we were working with come back to church after 6 years and it was so sweet to see the ward welcome him back. He used to be the mission leader and his converts all greeted him with open arms. He is so excited and it truly was a miracle.

But this whole week I have just felt so led by the spirit to do the things that I should, even though at times they are hard. And truly that is all that we can do here, listen to what we should do and do our best to help the work go forth on earth. 

Love you all and hope you remember the great part you play in the plan, keep up the great work and never do anything to lose the spirit. 

Thanks for your prayers, and all of your support,

Hermana Clegg 
pizza and dougnuts for pday... LOVE MY PENSION.

 the district

christmas in july... sometimes we celebrate just to stay positive and enjoy our culture haha